Qian Sanxiong research inspection in Nangong City, Xinhe County

  At the Xinhe County Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Center and Nangong City Labor Employment Service Center, Qian Sanxiong hosted a meeting, listened to the focus of the two places, economic operation, social stability, etc., and analyzed with relevant responsible comrades The problems in the study work and how to do the next step. Qian Sanxionnd pointed out that at present, Xingtai City’s epidemic prevention and control situations are still serious and complicated.

In the face of multi-disguise of the epidemic, Xinhe County and Nangong City should further improve the level of attention, enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility, and do not relax in the exhibition of the epidemic prevention and control.

It is necessary to focus on domestic key areas and abroad to return to Xing people, in-depth and meticulously do a good job in investigating, strengthening and controlling various prevention and control measures on the face, and resolutely do the sense of anti-hospital, accelerating the pace of vaccination. , Fully construct an epidemic prevention and control barrier to ensure that there is no loss.

To solve the problem of weak implementation, implementation of discounts, effectively play the role of grassroots organizations to ensure that the provincial and municipal decision-making deployments landed in position, and resolutely refused to virus outside the city. Qian Sanxiong emphasized that we must make a good job in economic and social development. Focus on fixed asset investment, regulating the main economic indicators such as industrial added value, total retail sales of social consumer goods, toburize the project to build this cattle nose, close attention to this critical month, stick to it, can quickly, fully sprint, promote economic development Quality speed. We must grasp the work of confidence, safe production, pollution control, etc.