Putian Meizhou City Public Security Bureau police station: build a strong security barrier to do a "beginner’s mind Morijima not forget the people," the island Force

Moderator: Everyone all the netizens, here is the "comprehensive from Yan Jiji Forging Public Security Tiejun" in Fujian Provincial Public Security Department, Fujian, China

Mazu Meizhou Island is the world’s cultural mecca, but also state-level tourist resort island, where, with a close to the people for the people, the guardian of peace island Force – Putian Meizhou City Public Security Bureau police station.

They have won the province’s public security outstanding grassroots units, the province’s advanced grass-roots party organizations, the province’s first "Midnight style police station" and so on. Today we are invited to Meizhou station director Lin Bin guest to our studio, Linsuo Chang, you are welcome. Lin Bin: good host, People netizens Fujian channels, Hello, everyone! Moderator: Meizhou police station as a police force on the island of Meizhou Island, there is nothing unique Force spirit? Please tell us about your team now! Lin Bin: Meizhou police station was established in 1991. 30 years, Meizhou police station to flag the lamp to the island is home to the masses as the root, difficult proud to dedicate oriented, Morijima frontiers, the red gene into the blood, the firm built a political police practitioner , pioneer, communicators Mazu culture, sightseeing guardian of Taiwan services, Bihaijinsha protector. Police Passing the torch from generation to generation, we continue to temper the "beginning of the heart do not forget, Morijima people" Police island spirit. For 30 years, we keep the team zero illegal, null and discipline. Moderator: You just mentioned our team 30 years and illegal, null and discipline, then how do you do it for 30 years as one day, the island adhere to beliefs Passing the torch down? Lin Bin: We always adhere to lead the party building, based on the island Force features, combined with the new alert to, the festival node, tailored to the "five island in class": First, carry out the "red gene Course" in the martyrs’ cemetery; the second is in police station site to carry out "educational heritage classes"; the third is about the story behind the banner, carry out "serving the public course"; Fourth, new ideas and new theories around, to carry out "party learning course"; Fifth, around the protection of Meizhou Island, the "ecology protection class "extensive organization" vanguard party post "selection, a" party driven, full excellence "good atmosphere.

Since 2016, Meizhou police station emerged a group of vanguard and exemplary "province excellent police", "social security comprehensive management province advanced worker", a total of 32 people for meritorious service. Moderator: In the ranks of education and rectification, as the island’s police force rooted in Meizhou, what mature experience and we can share? Lin Bin: We Mazu culture in the spirit of "morality, charity, love", into public security work and team building, the proposed "protection of Meizhou Island, police walking the forefront of the" work ethic, built in Meizhou Island a solid barrier of Social security Protection.

According to law and order situation Meizhou Island, implementation of the "3 + 3" joint police operation mode, adhere to multi-break and crack the masses around the "small case" to crack down on illegal and criminal acts; technology-support, weaving a three-dimensional security protection network, to send police to achieve rapid and efficient disposal of instantaneous feedback, visual scheduling. Since 2018, Meizhou Island in the province of comprehensive management "three rate" evaluation, the safety of the masses rate of 99% for first place in Putian City; law enforcement job satisfaction rate to maintain the city’s top two consecutive, in 2020 the province ranked seventh. Moderator: As the first batch of "Midnight style police station," and with "I do practical things for the masses’ practice, this Meizhou police what had been done to actively explore it? Lin Bin: We are in hardware and software down homework.

First, create a "one-time inform, train services, one-stop shop for" integrated service system, so that the island can not see the people on the island to handle public security administrative examination and approval service. Secondly, the people-centered, launched the "One Village One police" system, two adjacent village community police AB post system, "below the line designated + online real" police service model, "involving police intelligence-day visitors" "missing items express door" and a series of service measures, and really for the masses to do practical things.

In particular, the masses in the mediation of disputes work, we introduced the "closed-loop contradictions and disputes mediation mechanism," "diversity mediation mechanism," "micro-letters Policing" and so on.

Since 2019, Meizhou police station area investigation and resolve contradictions and disputes rate of 100%. In February of this year, we adopted multi-mediation, actively contributed to the murder of criminal settlement reached between the parties, and on April 13 successfully persuade murder suspects on the run for 28 years gave himself up. Moderator: Today through introduction Linsuo Chang, let us know of such a police force stationed in Meizhou island, but also let us know your loyalty and explore innovative play, thank you.

Lin Bin: Thank you, moderator, thank you. Moderator: Ok, today’s program is like this, thank you for your attention, will. (Wei Pengfei, Lan Chi Fei Cheng-yao, intern Yao Na) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhang Zijian) share to allow more people to see the client download.