Sinopec Shanxi knot on help the double management

"Little Jia, Zhun Village is a change in the year." Winter’s sun sprinkled in the Shanxi Zhangzhou Pinglu restriction Tiger Tamada Village, the village Hu Zhibin and the village committee, Jia Wei looked at the new road of the city. Oscillated. Dadajing Venue is the patronics of China Petrochemical sales Shanxi Yangzhou Petroleum Branch. In 2020, the village took off the hat of the deep poor village. This year, China Petrochemical Sales Shanxi Yangzhou Petroleum Branch deeply into the first line of rural areas, and the "I do practical things for the masses" help the village revitalization.

The villagers of Dada Well Village is not high, and Sinopec sales Shanxi Yangzhou Petroleum Branch resides in the village team to visit the households every month, preaching the national policy and economic industry poverty alleviation policy related to farmers, encounter villagers. If you don’t know, you can answer questions with gentle verbally. At the same time, at the same time, the Village Task Force, the Village Tourism team was investigated for the sake of helping the cadres, and communicated with the local government, timely feedback unit employment information, and actively resolved the issuance of success. Industrial poverty alleviation is the ability to improve the self-development capacity in poverty, withgiving to various natural disasters and consolidating governance, the effective way to achieve rural wealth.

In 2019, China Petrochemical Sales Shanxi Hanzhou Petroleum Branch started from the perspective of long-term principles to help the village built industrial mill processing plants.

This year, I have visited the local agricultural science and technology personnel in the area, consult the request, according to the major crop varieties, production of poverty alleviation, and formulate reasonable scientific production guidance recommendations, and actively contact local miscellaneous distributors to broaden sales for agricultural products. channel. On the other hand, the Village Task Force actively assisted the village committee to carry out the construction of the "Dadajing Village Red Revolutionary Education Base", and the Double Tube Realized the Industrial Xingcun Goal of "Taoism to fish". Potato is one of the main crops of Dada Well. Due to the asymmetry of the sales information in previous years, the potatoes in the village are not selling in the village house. This year, the village team implemented the policy of consumer poverty alleviation, fully utilizing the consumption potential of their own units, employees, relatives and friends, launching a friend circle to subscribe to poor poverty beans, relying on "natural healthy green potatoes" to play the brand, to promote the market, help the villagers continue to stabilize Income.

On the occasion of the autumn harvest, the Village Task Force planed the earth blocks with villagers in the field, handling the potato packing of the sorting quality, sent to Sanzhou Petrochemical, Shanxi, China. Subscribe employee’s hands.

Improve the living environment of the villagers is an important way to improve the happiness index of the villagers and realize the revitalization of rural residence. Last year, Sinopec sales Shanxi Yangzhou Petroleum Branch launched difficult family house remediation repair projects, through the renovation of kiln, reinforced wall, replace the doors and windows, flat, and the village rowned in the village.

This year, the Village Task Force adoters this policy of rural renovation, fully realistic research, after wealthy to listen to the suggestion of the villagers, the first phase of the main project is repaired, effectively solve the seasonal debris flow along the road. Safety hidden dangers of landslides.

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