Russia clearly develops the "Ten Year Plan"

[Russian independent military commentary website November 11 Article] Title: Church "Poseidin" thinks Russia clearly defines the direction of military development strategies (Author De Tovefin) high supersonic missile technology, laser weapon, robot technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The priority direction in these arms developments will be reflected in the new 2033 national argument plan.

Putin made this requirement when Sochi was held with the leaders of the military industry and the Ministry of Defense. Like us, the details are not disclosed.

Putin only announced that "the ‘zircon’ high supersonic missile is completely in accordance with the task requirements, from underwater and water-noodles," "next year, the missile will launch the Russian Navy. He also said that the ongoing test has also proved that "Peleswit" laser weapon, "pioneer" and "dagger" high supersonic system unique performance.

The use of artificial intelligence technology is also equally important, the goal is to ensure the ability to improve the performance of high-precision weapons, troops command systems, communication and data transmission tools.

Putin emphasizes: "When building a more autonomous future robotic technology equipment and control drone and deep water, it is equally important." Artificial intelligence is becoming a major priority direction of the military plan. To implement the plan, Russia intends to invest 22 trillion rubles (about $ 306 billion).

This investment is almost the same as the past 10 years of military plan.

Attributed to the program, the Russian army’s modern weapon equipment reached approximately 72%. In March last year, the Russian Defense Department announced the launch of internal research competitions, "" Test samples for the manufacturing research and development, learning and realizing the deep neural network for the new generation of artificial intelligence military systems. "

This year, the Russian Defense Program is a department responsible for artificial intelligence and neural network issues.

To develop artificial intelligence, Russia plans to allocate 244 billion rubles 2024.

Within the "Science" National Project Framework, Russia will set up 9 world-class research centers in 2023, used to study advanced digital technology, robotic technical equipment, network security and artificial intelligence issues.

It is difficult to clarify what project is.

Putin talks about the global governance tasks, scientific research activities, and pure military applications. "Poseidon" nuclear power unattended is this example.

Tascinated the general manager of the Northern Machinery Manufacturing Factory, Mikhail Budnico, said that the "Bose Winter" nuclear submarine is about to complete the national test phase.

He emphasized that the tested of the submarine was conducted on the class, no interruption.

In other words, this year "Bremen" can be sea.

The Standard Train Tools of "Poseidon" will be a nuclear submarine in the Khabarovsk. In the early aging, Russia plans to build four "Habarovsk" nuclear submarines.

Today, the "Warriors" -D nuclear power deep sea subafferer has drawn "Poseidon" map.

The "Warriors" -D Tour of the Mariana Huggou is actually a map of the world’s ocean in order to develop digital navigation routes for "Poseidon". After launching the submarine base located in the Kamchatkan Peninsula, as "the Poseidin Dong" of "End" torpedo, it will openly access the US military base located in Guam.

It will act according to procedure, not self-owned tactical tasks.

But this is only now, everything in the future may change the earth. Decaditioner Sherk Shawo said that the Russian Defense has begun mass-purchasing "land" robot. Russian prevention leaders revealed this news on the "new knowledge" education marathon who introduced Russian technology achievements.

He said: "The combat robot has begun to mass.

It is not a simple trial sample that is not a simple test sample, but it is really like a robot that operates like the sci-fi movie.

I can’t get around the future weapon. It is also vigorously working in this regard.

"All this note, Russia not only goes on the forefront of the mechanization system that still needs human operation, but also is also looking for a way to create an automated independent thinking system. In the end, the result will give an answer.