Talent team strong rural industries

The 17-year-old Fu Di is a village of Xiaoba, Hongguan Miao Township, China. In 2019, he came to the medium vocational school in China, and learned electronic technology applications. In the meantime, professional scores have been in front of classes. "Learn professional, you can also go out.

Fu Di said.

In February 2020, Zunyi proposed and implemented the "Double Training" project. I know the news, Fu Di has some heart.

"If you take professional road, most of them are in the factory, the last class, the time is afraid to be tired. If you work in the village, you can deal with different people, learn a lot of things, may be more fresh." No more hesitated , Fu Di said. In fact, the entire selection process is especially stricter.

"Take the students, after registering, first pay the duty, combined with professional results, comprehensive performance, and then recommend the school review, the county-level department political examination, etc., Excellent", "Zunyi Municipal Committee Organization Department, Liu Degang Introduction, if it is the cultivation of the leading talents of the village-level organization, he also listened to the villagers’ opinions.

Select the object, how to cultivate it.

"There are rural revitalities, including political literacy, etc. Also go to the business, village-level organization.

More than a year, Fu Di is more determined to choose the original choice, and now I have returned to my hometown. "In the past, it is directly used as seeds, but now the magist of seedling is not only high. It is also big. This is in school. It can be used in the village!" As of now, Zunyi selection 574 village-level talents , 3,371 outstanding students’ key cultures. In addition to the "pick a batch" in the village-level organization and secondary vocational school, Zunyi also "cited a batch" from the outside of the businessman, "choosted a group" in the rural youth talents, in the veteran " Select a batch "to form a long and short-binding talent echelon. "Focusing on students training, many districts and counties explore experience in training methods, curriculum settings, practical exercise, selection assessment, etc." "Liu Degang introduced that in terms of the cultivation of talents in the village-level organization, Zunyi established the three-level joint training mechanism , Formulate "one person and one policy" "one village one policy" training plan and program, innovation launched "one-on-one" "multi-to-one" help, helping to open an eye and enhance the ability.