Is Di DVL?,So it caused it to change?

Is it because Duan Zhao’s arrangement of Chaohu’s arrangement is wrong?,Caused by the water to be attacked?
Gao Bao is a bitter,He didn’t know where he didn’t know where the location of the Chaohu Lake.,How can I tell Chen Ba,Tell Chen Bao First,What is the benefit of yourself??
Finally, Jiangzhou’s volts Chen Ba first,Covering the other five thousand light ride。From the side, you are innocent。
And also suggest that you can fight。
Duan Yao, who was forced to be aware of Chen Ba,I am eating in Hao Bo Yi.,Does it explain that he is very powerful??
Believe that the ocean is not a dizzy,Those style in the city,Estimate is that it is not heard。
Contradiction with paragraph,This is just in line with the expectation of the ocean,If two people“Make a hill”,The sugure will not sleep at night.。
Written a good battle,Gao Biyi saw it from the head to the end.,I don’t have any problems.,Julined with bamboo cylinder,Send people straight to the city。
“Today’s Yucheng,It is Long Tan tiger hole.,Don’t have to go。”
He sighed。
Duan Yu’s defeated,The mood of the ocean is definitely low to the extreme,Positive acknowledgment!
Gao Biyi does not want himself to become the air cylinder。Waiting for the ocean this wave of past,He made his own things back to Yucheng,On both sides, one contrast,Know who is genuine,Who is pre-name, it is really difficult!
NS272chapter Call your kid not wearing a hat
邺 南 城 华 华 华 别 别 别 门 门,Brightness。Two big characters written on the door,“Li Fun”。
This is the mother of Li Zugu,And the ancestral house in the Dongfang, Zhaojun。
Emperor is coming,The door is arranged in front of the door.,Everyone at home is waiting in the lobby.,The air is not dare。
Higher ocean drunk and arrogant came to Queen Li Zugu,Let Li Zuxun wait for Li Zuxun to be nervous.!
Said to be a light car,Said just to come casually。Ha ha,Emperor can say this,But if you do, if you think so,That is big, no respect!
Higher Yang this person is a grace,But absolutely nonaptive。Being such a person,And this person is still an emperor,Obviously, others will make others sincere。
“Do not,Unusual,Hey is just a casual,Don’t call the Queen,Let her feel relieved。
I am just seeing this house.。”
Ho’s interest in the banquet in the hall,Instead, I want to walk in Li Jia’s garden and the yard.。
Uh,Really just look?
Li Zuxun is quirky,But a quiet,Not doing。
Li Jia took the queen,The identity is naturally a boat。The home courtyard has been expanded several times,It is already a luxury home on the number of Yucheng。
Especially now“Quasi”Gao Bao mixed,Already established a curtain in Jingxi,Said that one of the people who hold the rights of the soldiers are not over。
Li Jia also intends to expand this year.,Only worthy of your identity status。
“Be scattered,I am walking away.。”
High ocean waves,He is very uncomfortable, Li Zuxun and others followed,Especially。
Especially after being drunk。
“That is your own,Ministers。”