“Thank you, Director!”

She http://www.chc99.cn is just a borders。
Blue Xin’s eyes look at her,Not talking。
“correct,Blue Director,That Yang Shuyu……”“You don’t have to manage,You put all your energy on the model,Especially the model of live band,Ready for these two days。”
Blue Xinhe。
“it is good!I will do it well.。”
Du Wei should have a sound,As long as you leave here,Can do anything。
This is really a lot than Lu Haochong.。
Soft woman like her,It’s really unqualified to do Luhao Cheng’s woman.。
Blue Xin reminded her:“Du,I will remind you,Not my heart,But you are the first foul,Don’t pay attention to you,If it is again next time,I think,You will leave the Lu Group in another http://www.mnbhw.cn way。”
Du Weiyan,Face has a bit of a bit,She laughed quietly:“Blue Director,I will never have it later.,Then I am busy.。”
Lan Xin nodded。
After Du Wei,Blue Xin pick up the mobile phone to send WeChat to Lu Haozheng。
Tell Lu Haozheng in Du Wei’s things。
Lu Haoge still child car,Suddenly I received WeChat,Very happy。
Look at the content,He is eyebrows。
It turned out to be a woman。
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He returned to Blue Xinyi:[Wifey!]Blue Xinyi,Laugh:[I left her.,Let her leave,The other party will also buy other people,We still have to take time to check,There is no time now.,Firstly,I am busy first.。
]Lu Hao Cheng:[Don’t worry too hard,Let others do more things,You will only be fine。
]Blue Xinyi,Warm laugh,Happiness,[I see。
]She immediately took the http://www.zbxfgc.cn information.。
Joe Yiyi is waiting for her outside the door.。
Joe Yiyi angry:“What do you have to do?,You look at her look and not respect your appearance.,I am looking at it.。”
Blue Xin listen this,Laughing, I looked at her.:“Joe Yiyi,You are not eating mistakes today.,Actually speaking for me。”
Joe Yiyi glanced at her:“Jiang Lan Xin,Is it so bad in your eyes??
Although I have something to think about it.,But I am also a separate occasion.。
I admit that I really want to climb your husband’s bed at the beginning.,But now I have given up.,I just want to find a man who is good to me.,It’s better to have a good time.,As for between you,Is it a reconciliation between them??”
Blue Xin, deliberately looked at her.:“When is our two things?,I do not know how?”
“Jiang Lan Xin。”