So next,Best solution,It is starting from this aspect.。

Only this,Fan Jiu will feel,Now,It is easier to start from this area.。
It’s here,Along with Fan Jiu, I looked at the next look.。
obviously,For something such,In fact, Fan Jiu itself,It is already completely considering this matter.。
“But then said it back.。”
“Even if now,They have been tossing here.,Last result,What can I??”
It looks at Fan Jiu,These things,In fact, it is already so。
Since you are going to do now,So best solution,Just start from now。
At this time,Fan Jiu’s side,Other people face each other,Look at this side。
Treat this,In fact, their hearts are deep,It is more clear than anyone.。
“Since it is now,So let’s everyone,In fact, there should be this necessary to increase your strength.,Thoroughly remove these。”
“Wait until we have completed the plan,By the time,Shen Xuan will die。”
With the words of Van Jiu say,This is the people around you,The more you look, the more excited。
Treat this,In fact, in Fan Jiu looks。
at this point,Now in the case,Still have this necessary,What should I do at this time?。
if not,Even now, continue to consume,In fact, the final result,Also the same。
As for the fan nine itself,It is worth these,The smile on the face is getting rich。
“very good,Since it is now,So for us,In fact, this time,Let’s everyone,It’s time to start。”
When Fan Jiu looks at the eyes,Fan Jiu’s face is even more proud of laughing。
At this time,Fan Jiu’s side,One of the hands。
“Boss,Great event,Our batch of goods。”
With the people around you say,Fan Jiu’s whole person brows。
After all, this thing is,In fact, they all,It is not expected to be embodied.。
but now,at this point,How should I be dealt with??
In fact, Fan Jiu’s heart,I didn’t think about it.,Now,What should I do?。
The first thousand and forty-nine chapters must do something
at this time,For the current。
In fact, in Fan Jiu looks,How should I handle these things?。
Fan Jiu’s heart,Very urgent。
“Let’s now,What should I do??”
“These,It’s just that we come.。”
When Fan Jiu looked at these,He at this time,The heart is more harmonious。
If now,Don’t think about it again,Solve these all。
In fact, for Fan Jiu,Can not be a good thing。
And the side of Fan Jiu,Other people face each other,I watched this side.。
obviously,It looks at Fan Jiu,His heart has been probably known。