Zhou is holding a sleeping child。

Niu Niu Xiao,This is also this。
If you are full, you will be asleep.,Very few crying。
“Then I will take it in the same day.,Let you have http://www.longjuhotel.cn a break!”
I have to get up early in the morning to give Tihu and Su Qiang them for breakfast.,Daurother did not fight for children。
“Hard work!I am old.,It’s really a toss.!”
Su Grandma squinted。
“Go back to the house to rest.!Things, let’s discuss!”
“mother,I care about your brother with you.!”
“This mother has to take care of your brother tonight.,No time to take care of Niu Niu,Niu Niu and your brother are good together?”
Zhou Wei is afraid that it is not enough,And if a nna is not honest,A feet,Little doll body is weak
But my heart is because I don’t satisfy my own girlfriend.,
“tomorrow,I am not sleeping with my mother tomorrow night.?”
“I will be 乖,Never let the mother worry!”
“Niu Niu obedient!”
Su Yuqing received a hint,I picked up the girl and walked in the house.。
Niu Niu did not resist。She acknowledged that she was a timely.,Well to sleep with such a small doll, there is no peace of sleep.。
I shouldn’t let http://www.juxinwang.cn the mother are difficult.
hope,Pay this child,Will not bring your own disaster
176chapter Xiongnu
The little dairy baby has not stopped almost one night.,Hurt。
Cry tired, sleep,Woke up or hungry,Wake up and cry。
Wongli’s first bouncing heart。
It may also be that I haven’t experienced this feeling too long.,After all, the girl is very obedient.。
Wen Chen did not sleep well,Su Qiang, a house, naturally。
Morning,Just look at the face。
“mother,Why do you get up early??”
“I am helping Yuxian.,Let her sleep。I listened to it last night.!”
“Thank you!”
Su Yuqing smirked and touched his head。