“Click one’s tongue,Kids have a kind,You still first don’t recognize this,I am Tianshir’s,Tian Da Zhuang,I have http://www.gupiao101.cn known that you are looking for my son today.。”

Say this,Tian Da has no more saying more,He wants to see how Li Hui Feng said。
And today’s afternoon,He is also looking for someone to say,Li Hui Feng is not a bully,Instead, it is a good college student.。
College students do not have any social experience,He has always been afraid,On the contrary, just threaten a few words,He feels that he can take the opponent’s death.。
Li Hui listened to the other party,Can’t help but,Directly open the recording function,Laugh:“Tian boss,You talk to me, I don’t seem to be sincere.,Then don’t talk。”
Say,Li Hui Hui also hangs the phone directly.。
The Tian Dazhuang, the head of the phone, is gone by Li Hui’s actions.。
He is still waiting for Li Hui Feng bidding,Then I have to quit the other person.,I didn’t expect that the other http://www.jiajao.cn party didn’t talk to him.,He can be a son of Tianshiro,If Tian Pur is really getting in, then he feels that there is no more Jiangshan.,Do you have more money not to give your son??
This result is not what he wants.。
I immediately dialed Li Hui’s phone.。
And this time Li Hui has been connected.,I heard the laughter of Tianshier.。
“Hey-hey,Li Boss’s temper seems too big.?”
at this time,The other party also said this,Li Hui felt that this field is very strong, it seems not good.。
“Hey-hey,Have no idea,The young man didn’t point my temper, is it young??
Tian boss thinks not to talk?
Don’t want to talk about us, don’t waste this world.,And Song Ting is my nephew,My big brother, you can’t afford it.,I just say a few pieces of your son.,Then he has a minimum of ten years old.,If it is not good in it inside,Even doing something,His days later can be long?!”
Li Hui’s words let Tian Da Zhuang face completely and gain。
He originally thought that Li Hui Feng is an ordinary college student.,I didn’t expect this layer of background.。
“Hey-hey,do not,I just opened a joke.,What about the boss of Li??”
What do I think, my son did not say??
Do you want me to say it again??”
Li Hui Rong is recorded,Never want to say some words that are unfavorable to themselves。
“Hey-hey,50,000 have some,After all, it is a girl.,10,000 pieces can open a very beautiful package.,50,000 is really a bit more。”
Originally, Li Hui Feng just caught anger,I heard Tian Da Zhuang,Directly。
He finally knows what is called his father.。
Tian Puls and Tian Da Zhuang this are the one of the hills。
“one million。”
Li Hui Feng also has no nonsense.,I said that I said it directly again.。
Lee brother,Let’s play like this.?
This is something too much.?”
“two millions,When the boss, if it is right again.,Then we don’t talk about it.,This price to buy your son’s freedom, if you feel more,I think you still consider the regeneration.。”
After saying that Li speaks directly to the phone again.。
And the Tian Da Zhuang in the phone seems to feel the decision of Li Hui Feng.。