“Small aunt……”

Two words are not falling,Summer http://www.yrxuhn.cn is not interrupted,Faint,“Didn’t you think of a small day??”
Summer cloud,Immediately become gray,“I have naturally thought about it.,But not in this way。”
Summer is not a smile,“No wonder these years,You are nothing,How?Soft?Also,Xiajia is born, you will have you to raise you.,You have too many memories in that family.,You can’t ruin it in summer.,Bar。”
This sentence,Summer cloud,Faces become ugly,“I don’t have……”
“She is your kid!”
Summer is unable to interrupted him again,Reproach,“Now you,In addition to seeing,Weak weakness,Outside of rain mulmonary,What is left?!”
Summer clouds,Want to refute,But it is words。
“I want a fire cookery oil.。”
This moment of summer is no,It looks cold and ruthless。
“Do you think you are Xiajia people??Still say……Summer family will regard you http://www.hrbfdmy.cn as a family?Hum!If you are sitting in Tiantianyuan, this location,Let them have any questions,Just relying on you a thousand brothers,I am afraid that I am killed by them.,You still think about Xia family now?Summer cloud, summer thousand clouds,Go away!”
Summer is no more and more angry。
Don’t look at her age is already very big.,Handled for thirty years,But the fire is temper,Simply six pro does not recognize。
Fall into the voice,Directly grabbed the tea cup and smashed in the summer。
Summer cloud is just split with his arm.,Protect your cheeks,Tea cup is solid in the arm,Hot tea splash is full。
But he seems to feel pain.,Stand up,“Small aunt,You really misunderstand me.。”
He looked straight to the summer,“Summer to Xiajia,I will inevitably be big.,Then……His identity will expose,At the time,I know the world,He is a thousand words and minds……”
Pause,Deeply spit out a sigh,Sincerely,“Once this news is spread out,How many people want him to die??Have you thought?Especially Junli,If he knows……”
Summer is not a frown,Still cold and hard,“Then you said with Xiao Tian,Tell him all the kinds,Let him choose。”
First2223Chapter What is the fear of life?
When summer and Mingwu came out from behind,Everyone is all left.。
“Small day,I am gone.。”
Ming Wu is still laughing,Then nod to the summer.,Turn around。
The entire old house will return to the peace of the past。
He quickly saw the father and Chujiang jade,Both people are playing chess。
And Liu Qingqing looks,And continue to add water to the two。
Such a picture looks like it is fun。
Summer heart in the heart of the cloud,Also be blown,Hanging a smile on your face,Also walking,Sitting opposite Liu Qingqing,Looking at the two old people。
“I listen to the martial arts.?”