“Neither,This brother is most,Big brother makes him as you spend well.!”

Nan Ge frowned,Suddenly I feel that these younger brother don’t have it。
Finally, there is a Male classmate who saw the window of the window.,And immediately remembered that he had seen this person on Friday.,He is like a savior,Take the front window:
“Big brother,Your boyfriend!”
Nan Ge turned his head,See you。
She scratched with fist,Then take off the boxing sleeve,The http://www.jnsydc.cn shake cup next to it is going out.:“You,I will first take a get out of class first.。”
Several male students don’t dare to scream。
Nan Ge is so big to open the classroom door.,Also don’t care about the teacher。
After coming out,Her eyes are overwhelming.,Seeing his face is still red,The sweat on the forehead seems to have not been dry.,Take your hand,Give him a piece,We look at the 序 序 序 序,Today’s 槐 is very good for her meaning。
Is a very cute girl。
“Let it go!”
The nanta said while going out:“In the past few days, your small slag cat actually earned a lot of money.,Let’s go out to take a meal tonight.?”
Let’s three……
Money that uses people to win hard work,Don’t you call people??
Zhouzhi pulled the mouth:“Tonight, there is late self-study。”
“What night self-study?”
“College student http://www.yuyaoshop.cn professional training,Class。”
“Oh,I’ve forgotten it all。”Nan Ge took the head,But she still doesn’t care.,“This kind of class is also counted?”
“Not count!”
I am not countless, I don’t count.:“This class is also the course last semester.?Many people are all,Don’t go up.,The teacher is too famous.,Finally spend dozens of money, let the buns help copied a paper.。”
“That is called professional planning last semester。”Zhouzhi correction。
“Still。”Zhou Weak said,“the first lesson,Still respect the teacher。”
“That day!”
“Tomorrow is not,I have to go to red dyeing sister tomorrow.。”Zhouzhi left and right,Low sound,“By the way, I will inquire about the message.。”
“That day after tomorrow!”
“The day after tomorrow。”
“Good chicken is annoyed!”
“Don’t swear。”
http://www.banyn.cn Zhouzhi is not annoying,And reached out and brought the shoulder shoulder,Make a comfort,Then he thought about it:“The day after tomorrow is like a lesson of Monday,A little more,But we can still go out in the afternoon.,Back late at night,Or not。”
The nanong mixed, honestly。
Above Xishan,Bamboo garden。
Zhou Zhiwei,Queue。
There are mountains with water in the mountains.,There is a tree with grass with red leaves,There is also a flowing waterfall,House with only Watt on the roof,Like a small world。