Just yesterday,Gangan began to send hands to the ancient Wumen in the mountains.。

Within one day,Two small martial arts were destroyed。
Just this,Summer will not care。
Similar thing,He has more seen in foreign countries.。
As for the ancient Wumen School,But inheritance is definitely not http://www.maruiqi.cn broken。
The small gart will be inherited so far,How many wind and rain have been experienced?,Have survival。
Summer care,Is because of an ancient martial art。
Tianlong Gate。
That is the martial art of his father.。
Although the mind is falling,But the old people in the martial art,Still treat him as a later generation.。
Yesterday’s time,He deliberately liaisoned Yan Yuan。
From Yan Yuan’s phone,I have learned the attitude of Tianlong Gate。
and,Yan Yuan informs the summer,Some young disciples of the martial art,Has been sent out,And do a bad way。
Hang up,Yan Yuan apparently calls summer,Inform the head of the door。
Shortly,I personally call the summer.,Let him not have to participate。
“call……”Do a few mouthfuls of smoke,Flexion,Precisely fall into the trash bin next to the road。
Summer http://www.go-king.cn driving。
Just returned to the old house,I saw a summer cloud that has come in advance.。
The two will walk at the hospital’s lawn.。
Half,Summer clouds,“Gano’s black smoke,Now many people have learned my head.,Let me try you.。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,I didn’t feel surprised.。
He said,“I want me to shoot?”
Gano nodded,Also shake your head,“Just being too troublesome by them,I specially came over and went.,I said that you refused.。”
Summer road,“I will go to Tianlongmen tomorrow.。”
“good……”Koofgan nodded,Tightly,“Um?
What did you say?
Go to Tianlongmen?”
Summer light,Turn out to the surrounding landscape,“Gano has several small gans on the Taihang Mountains these days.,I quickly went to Tianlong Gate.。”
Merely,His eyes are flashing,“Other martial arts I don’t care,But Tianlong Gate can’t move。”
Summer cloud face is anxious,“summer,Don’t act rashly,You are now outside……”Summer interrupted him,“you are wrong,In fact, I have been in the bureau.,Why did Gano start with ancient martial art in the Taihang Mountains??
Nothing is a day from Tianlong Gate.,He is behind,Maybe I really don’t want me to participate.,Specially let Gan to http://www.ntddtl.cn warn me,But how can Goleo not think about his own。
If I don’t die,He is embarrassed。”
Summer clouds,Want to say。
Summer footsteps slightly delayed,Turn around,“Tianlong Gate is my father’s martial art,I can’t see the door.。”
“Since you understand,Isn’t it a Zhonggu??”
“This is a positive。”
Summer eyebrows are very calm,“If I don’t shoot,Have an invincible,If the space is destroyed,It’s more flying to the air.,As a result,How do you think of me?……Certainty,I don’t care about these,I care,Still my mind。”