But actually,Every four small stages,Are a huge gully,It is difficult to be difficult than the four combined power levels than before.。

http://www.sjywzx.cn Because,After the god level,A qualitative change occurs in the power of blood。
Blindle,It’s like a river.,In the blood over the blood,Will form a way……gas!
Multi-and oligo,And pureness,Determine personal war。
rumor,Shutdown between the wind,Put the air into a turbulence,It means that it breaks through the god level,Reached the legendary ban。
What is prohibition,It is the limit of the human body。
What is turbulence,That means the ultimate speed,Just like a sound barrier!
The combat power of the person in front of me is as banned.。
Everyone is cheated。
Shocked,Eight snake。
His thought,I have been layout for so long.,Has been winning the coupon,Even in his opinion,The so-called killing is alive。
Can you know this time,So-called layout,What is ridiculous in the eyes of the other?。
He didn’t dare to stay again.,Shake,Feet force,Go to the mountain。
How can I make him easily retreat?。
Immediately expand Tiger Leopard,Go first until。
http://www.sasann.cn Just out of more than 10 meters,Eight snakes fly,Heavy 上。
His face is cloudy,Pulling the mouth,Heart is more panic。
“Don’t deceive too much!”
Prohibition,It is a realm of eight snakes that cannot touch but dreaming.。
“Kill god,I admit that you are very strong.,I also admit defeat.……”Eight snake stares in summer,Continue,“But do you have to drive?,If you kill me,Our emperor must be revenge me.。”
Say,Eight snakes backwards two steps,Glance,Suddenly hinder,Follow,Angry expression on your face。
Because I am entangled in Sichuan, Ice sister in Sichuan, Sichuan,it turns out……Gone。
Do not,Not afraid,They are quickly rushing towards the mountain,Jiang Luo Shen and Xianti have not pursued。
The eight snake face is green.,Almost vomiting。
But now I don’t have other,Hurry and vigorously,Looking http://www.80must.cn at the fairy and Jiangluo gods that come here,Gaze,“If you let me go this time,I promise that I will never find your trouble.。”
Summer cold and vomiting two words,Foot, but keep。
Eight snakes can feel the murder of each other,Now drink,“If you dare to kill me,Our emperor will not let you go.!”
“It’s your emperor.,I also have to give Laozi.!”
Summer cold drink,Raise the right leg,Leg horizontal,Torps。
Eight snake absolutely calculates a master,I have reached the war of God.,Can be facing ban,There is no power to make。
He tried to dodge,But still can’t capture the traces of each other,Just feel that the sound of the ear drum,Front leg shadow weight。