“And the other,Complete attribute attack,In other words,No body or weapons required,But directly urge the attributes to attack,This kind of attack consumes slightly more attributes,But its power is very powerful”

“There is also a special combat technique,Evil beasts can also use attributes to attack,And human beings change it after observing this method,Turn it into a combat technique that humans can use,But it’s completely different from the attack methods of evil beasts,This kind of combat technique is called beast combat technique!”
Let Feng go,Bian Xiang Fuming explained the difference in combat skills,Fuming is also thinking,Is this kind of beast combat technique the own attack method of Professor Long Yuan??
Long Yuan within his body naturally heard the beast combat skills in Ren Feng’s mouth“Kid,After choosing a combat technique,I will give you another combat skill,Hehe,Very strong!”
After listening to the fuming,There was a look of excitement in his eyes,The things Long Yuan gave him are good things,Like a real dragon!
Ren Feng saw the excitement on Fuming’s face,A hint of playfulness flashed in my eyes“Ah,This is like a child”Ren Feng thought it was the things he explained to Fuming just now that made Fuming so excited。
Ren Feng stopped,Look forward“Arrived!”
“Choose in the past,The one on the left is the attribute combat technique,The one on the right is ordinary platinum combat skills,I am here waiting for you”Ren Feng sat down on the chair,Drinking tea。
Walk around the shelf,Pick one by one,I don’t feel so excited。
Long Yuan looked impatient“You have to see when you see it this way,I come”After finishing speaking, there was a wave of fluctuations in my body,Scattered on every combat technique。
Ren Feng raised his brow“what happened,How do I feel such a strong wave of power?”Looking at the selected combat skills,Stared for a while,Randomly shook his head mockingly。
“I’m crazy,What’s the matter with this energy fluctuation, this little guy made it,Am I still awake?,Just weird,Where did this energy fluctuation come from,I felt wrong?”
Ren Feng lying on the chair,Frowning and drinking tea。
“Are you crazy!Let the elders find out what to do!”Fuming inner roar,Staring at Long Yuan full of anger,Long Yuan coughed twice,Embarrassed“This one。。。I don’t think you’re too slow to look like this!”
Fuming glared at Long Yuan“Stop messing around,Be honest”
“That one,Give me a minute,Let me deal with the information,I will pick one for you!”Long Yuan closed his eyes,Fuming can only wait for him,He wants to see what Long Yuan can choose。