“I go,Will I see my heartbeat is faster??”I watched this heart rate,This matter122NS,It’s a bit fast.。

18The rooms of the bed are really a little headache.。
“Agong,Don’t be nervous,Relax,The heart is jumping.。”Zhou Ye first tried to comfort the elderly。
He still doesn’t want to use medicine directly.。
If you are serious, you can considerBReceptor blocker,Can be slightly controlled。
However, Zhou Ye always thinks that Agong’s paroxysmal premature beat is actually stable.,You can observe first。
Sure enough,Following the Yanye, I made a few sets of deep breathing.,This Agong’s heart rate is slow.。
“Doctor,I heard you before said that I want to give me radiofrequency ablation.,This will not be risky……And I am so big.。”18Bed’s Agong controls your breath,Try to calm down,Deep breathing to control your emotions,This is still a way to give him Yicheng.。
Sure enough, it’s really good.!
Zhou Niwu is still full of heart rate recovery on an electrocardiogram.。
He helped the patient fixed the electrode sheet and blood instrument again.,Answer the way:“Generally, it is possible to do RF ablation.,Generally dangerous,But any surgery is risky……Most after surgery can cure premature beats,good results。Premature beat does not control,Time length is likely to cause heart function damage or even heart failure。”
After that,He has a supplement:“It is best to be surgical doctors and your communication.,Waiting for you to stabilize,I am going to call a consultation.,Re-evaluation,Waiting for this epidemic to see if you can arrange surgery。”
Old man nodded:“Still, doctor, Hello,Good heart and good health,I asked Dr. Master every time.,He ignored me。”
Isn’t this a big wave??
Zhou Ye I smiled。
Ma Baobo alwayss,Not only the patient,Sometimes it is too cold to doctors and nurses.。
“Ugh,The brother is also a different person.。”Zhou Yewu is secretly emotionally。
He is not disgusted to Ma Baobang.,But a little envy,Graduate degree,People who can be admitted to graduate must have worked hard.。
No matter how now,At least his past is worthy of being。
“Can you tell me RF ablation?。”18The Agong of the number is also very interested in this.。
Previously, Chen Riyuan and Sun Jun did actually mention a little.,But he doesn’t care carefully.。
The doctors in the weekday are very busy.,The patient is then isolated from the patient.,So he has not used this radio frequency melting.。
The only known thing is that this is useful for your own room premature beats.……
Zhou Ye I think I am not a cardiovascular doctor.,Not a surgeon,This radiofrequency ablation is actually telling the truth, it will understand。
But in front of the old man is very interested in this radio frequency melting,He is really not bad, he is interested.。
then,Zhou Ye can only try to use his own knowledge as much as possible.。
“What is cardiac radio frequency abortion……”
“I personally understand,Cardiac radio frequency ablation is a method of interventional treatment of rapid arrhythmia,The doctor will take a very fine catheter from the neck、The roots of the thigh are placed in the blood vessel,After arriving at the pathogenesis,Release radio current,RF current is converted to thermal energy,Artificial damage caused by arrhythmia lesions,To achieve the purpose of treatment。”
Zhou Ye is explained,In fact, it is really a half-hanging water.,Unable to analyze from specific mechanisms。
He looked at the elderly:“Probably this is the case。”
18Bed patient slightly frown:“Then I am really useful in this room??”
Zhou Ye:“Frequent use of radio frequency ablation is useful,Radio frequency ablation is often used in the frequent occurrence of a clinical symptoms.;Always due to ventricle“Excitement”cause,After the test, the ectopic excitement is ablation,Early morning can disappear。”