When the second bottle of wine is halfway down,Xia Jian found that Ma Xiaofeng might be drinking too much,Because when she speaks,The tongue has started to spin,I’m a little confused。

At this time,It was raining lightly outside the window,Secretary Wang took a look,He immediately stood up and said:”You two drink slowly first,I’ll close the window,Otherwise the rain will fall on my bed“Secretary Wang finished,Swaying away。
Secretary Wang is leaving,Haven’t come back for a long time。Xia Jian thought,This old guy may have drunk too much,I must be asleep now。So he smiled at Ma Xiaofeng and said:“Mayor Ma!I think we’ll stop drinking this wine here!Secretary Wang won’t come again“
“He won’t come, let’s drink,You pour me the wine“Ma Xiaofeng shook his head,I knew she was drinking almost。
Xia Jian held the wine bottle in his hand,Thought for a while,I’m going to put the lid on the bottle,But Ma Xiaofeng quit,She walked over shaking her body,I want to snatch the bottle from Xia Jian。
Ma Xiaofeng only works hard with his hands,But ignored her feet,She didn’t stand firm,The whole person fell into Xia Jian’s arms。At this time,The door was pushed open with a bang,A man with a bald head rushed in。
When he saw Ma Xiaofeng fall in Xia Jian’s arms,Could not help but yelled angrily:”You bitch,To do such a shameless thing“
Xia Jian was surprised,I want to help Ma Xiaofeng stand up quickly,But drunk Ma Xiaofeng is soft like noodles。
“who are you?Why do you curse as soon as you enter the door,Mayor Ma is drunk,Came over to grab a bottle and fell over”Xia Jian helped Ma Xiaofeng,Explained。
The man glared at Xia Jian,Raising his hand, he slapped Ma Xiaofeng on the face。The slap was very loud,Beat Ma Xiaofeng sober a lot。
“Liu Yousheng!You bastard still dare to hit me?”Ma Xiaofeng touched her aching face,Yelling at this bald man。
The man smiled coldly and said:“Ma Xiaofeng,No wonder you don’t want to come back these days,So you have a new love here,Then you should come back and go through the divorce procedures,Otherwise you are breaking the law and discipline,And lost our child’s face”
Xia Jian came to understand when he heard this,It turns out that this bald man is Ma Xiaofeng’s husband,No wonder he is so angry。But whoever saw his wife crawling in the arms of other men,Won’t accept it for a while。
Ma Xiaofeng, who has woken up most of the time, said in a low voice to the bald man:“I’m drunk tonight,Has nothing to do with him,Let’s talk about our affairs when I get home”
“Ha ha!What you said is too light!I got caught tonight,It’s useless if you want to be lazy,I will yell loudly,Until you call everyone in your yard,I am willing to give up,Don’t believe it, let’s try”When the bald man said this,Gritted his teeth。
Such a situation,Made Xia Jian extremely embarrassed,He didn’t know what to say for a while。Something like this,He’s not going,Station is not,I really want to find a hole to get in。