“Hey-hey,Need not,This is a hand,You are sitting in Xiaoyi.,I have to go.。”

“Um,Sit well,You go.。”
Li Cuihua sits behind the motorcycle,It can be said that it is going to stick to Li Hui.,But in order to avoid suspicion,She still took the initiative to take a moment.。
But the road of lotus village is uneven,Second-hand motorcycle damping is a batch of poor。
Didn’t run how far,Li Cuihua can’t help it.。
Li Hui also scared a jump,If Li Cui is really hurt because he,He also has a unbacked responsibility.。
“Small,Would you like you?,You are too dangerous.。”
“Oh okay。”
In fact, several times before, Li Cuihua, I wanted to hold Li Hui.,But she is sinking again.。
I heard Li Hui Feng now.,She is also somewhat embarrassing.,Then both hands tightly grabbed Li Hui’s corner。
This time,Many more than before,But still dangerous。
Smell Li Hui’s taste of the sun,Li Cuihua’s heart is also a bit different.。
This is still her first feeling that the taste of the man is so good.,Whether it is my husband Qin Shouye or Liu Dafu,Take the kind of sweat makes her feel disgusting。
Slowly, she doesn’t know how.,A pair of tiles is tightly surrounded by Li Hui’s waist.。
Be solely,Li Hui also is also full of。
Car speed is also almost controlled unstable。
Feel the other party because it is nervous or fear of tightly,Li Hui’s breathing is also a little no longer stable.,Although he also talks about love,But the love is talking about it.,I didn’t touch my hands.,What is the first experience in my life like this?。
Motorcycle constantly bumpy,Li Cuihua also does not help but face。
Li Cuihua also felt that the other party is like granite, the backrest,The sense of security is that she has never experienced.,Slowly, she is very comfortable to close my eyes.。
“Smallman,Go to the town station。”
Suddenly heard Li Hui’s voice,Li Cuihua is also rushing to release,Get off at the same time。
“breeze,thank you,You stop the car on one side.,I will pay you for a while.。”
Just Li Cuihua said this,That passionate eye is constantly taking Li Hui。
And this time, it is very different from before.,She didn’t think that Li Hui is looking at some thinness.,But the sense of feeling makes her all the same feelings.。
“Gink,This is a matter of time。”
Looking at Li Cuihua’s pair of eyes constantly doing it.,Li Hui also feels some uncomfortable。
Although the other party is good,Good appearance,And before Qin Suiqi did not come to the village,Li Cuihua is indeed a number of beautiful women in the village.,But think of those things that the other party do,Li Hui is unwilling to communicate with each other.。
“Giggle,You haven’t talked about girlfriends.?”
Looking at Li Hui’s eyes,Li Cuihua suddenly skepts the rumors in the village before。
The salty pig hand on the twenty-ninth chapter
“Talk about one。”
Faced with Li Cuihua’s a little charm,Li Hui said that Suddenly, I didn’t dare to look at each other.。
Just thinking about Sun Yaru,The dodge in his eyes is immediately changed.。
“Gette, girlfriends should have not tied with others.?”