Chen Xiu has quick eyes and quick hands,The gunman had already overwhelmed Wang Zilin when he came out of the car window,Use a motorcycle as a cover。

All the bullets hit the motorcycle,Three of the bullets hit the fuel tank,Gasoline is flowing out of bullet holes。
“Run fast,This is going to explode!”
Chen Xiu took Wang Zilin’s hand and ran forward desperately,The two talents ran less than ten meters,Behind“boom”An explosion,Then a powerful shock wave drove the two forward。
Fortunately this is a beach,Chen Xiu is fine,Pull Wang Zilin to stand。
“Are you OK?”
Wang Zilin’s head was buried in the sand when she was struck by the blast wave,Is a mouthful of sand,After spitting out the sand, he shook his head and said:“No……Nothing……Let’s run!”
“Two legs can’t run on four wheels,Stop running!”
Chen Xiu watched that the BMW was directly crushed by the motorcycle after the explosion and was speeding towards the two,Directly on the ground,Raise the carbine,Transport the air in the body to the eyes,Maximize your vision。
Three points one line,Aim directly at the BMW car to the front left wheel。
Bullets fly out of the barrel,Hit the tire with no difference。
The BMW suddenly lost its balance,The car overturned and crashed into the rock next to the beach。