Is called【Dark Rock Ancient Country】The most central location of the vast area,There is a high mountain towering into the sky。

The top of the mountain,Like being cut off by a god axe,Form a platform。
On the platform,There are two huge magic circles,It is the Dark God Realm that connects the material plane with the four highest planes,The teleportation array of the six gods。
And around the two teleportation formations,There are some buildings that look like rocky mountains—Of course, these buildings are quite luxurious inside。Is stationed here,Where the Dark Rock Army is stationed。
“team leader,We guard the teleportation point like this,It’s so leisurely,On average, no more than 100 people come from all planes every day,Most of them are sanctuary and lower gods,Occasionally a few middle gods。No pressure。。。I heard that I went to garrison last time【A place of silence】Brother said,He is there to guard the door every day,Every few years there will be super strong people passing by,One is offended by inattention。It is said that several brothers have already died in the hands of those weird and crazy old guys。”
“That is,Our job of guarding the teleportation point is the most relaxing and comfortable。。。”The captain in dark rock armor smiled,“Eight hundred years ago,I want to send me to Shangfeng【A place of silence】,I would rather lower and pretend that I am weak,Not going。。。But then again,in【A place of silence】service,Earned【Black stone】Too much,If you are lucky,Served there for 100,000 years,Can retire directly,But it’s not easy to survive 100,000 years。”
“Or captain wise!”
“team leader、Youngest,Someone is coming again。”
“It’s probably some little guy on the material plane,I don’t know what the level of these people’s sanctuary came to our Dark God plane to do,Give it away??”The captain said softly,Then became severe,Shouted at the two dragons that just walked out of the teleportation formation:“I’m talking about you two boys,Roll aside。。。”
Both ends are more than 100 meters long,The gorgeous dragon just wants to get angry,But feel the terrifying aura of the person speaking。This momentum。
This terrible breath,The two dragons are the strongest on the original material plane,The dragon god of the dragon race has never felt it。Feel the momentum,These two giant dragons stunned in an instant。
For most of the next day,A sanctuary and a few lower gods appeared on the dark god plane through the teleportation array of this material plane。However, these sanctuary and the lower gods were all scolded and pushed aside by these Dark Rock soldiers.。The treatment of the lower gods is okay,Each of those sanctuary has been scolded,And no one took care of it。
Just as these dark rock soldiers were chatting with the captain,Isn’t it when you reprimand the sanctuary?。Unexpected,Another teleportation array shines with colorful light!
“team leader,People from other planes are here?。”A dark rock soldier called out in surprise。
“Ok,You’ve been here for years,Why is it still shocked?,Isn’t it normal for a few people to come from the material plane?!”
“Is not,team leader,Is another magic circle。”
“Isn’t that a teleportation array from the other ten planes??”