Xia Jian smiled and said:“it is good!You speak!We just got married,I really shouldn’t go to work in three days,But when i go out,I left after you agreed to this!”

“Yes indeed!There is no problem with this。But the problem is that you Xia Jian didn’t treat me Ma Yan as your wife,Run the train,Not a word of truth”
“I know you Xia Jianfengliu,The women around are in groups。But we got married,Then you should think about it for me”Ma Yan gets more excited as she speaks,Tears are going to come out。
Xia Jian walked to her side,Patted her twice and said:“for the kids,You speak slowly”
“What’s to say。You tell me on the phone,Said that the company needs to travel abroad for business。I asked you jokingly,Who are you going with?You told me,You go alone。And the result?Did you bring a woman??”That’s it for Ma Yan,Tears finally couldn’t hold back。
Xia Jian was stunned,How did Ma Yan know this??Even who in his office,They don’t know,It seems this is a bit strange。
“I also told myself many times,With Xia Jian,Learn to be patient。But we only got married for a few days,You started to lie to me,You say i can’t be angry?”Ma Yan asked in a low voice。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“you’re right,Changed me,I will be angry too。It’s just that you are now the key protection object,Don’t get mad because of this”Xia Jian took a few tissues,I want to wipe Ma Yan’s tears,But Ma Yan angrily pushed him away。
Xia Jian was taken aback for a while and said:“Ma Yan!You are a smart woman。What i want to say is,Someone made a mess of this,She just wants you and me to have trouble,She only benefits from it。If i guess right,The person who told you this should be a woman?”
Ma Yan heard what Xia Jian said,Can’t help but refresh,But she didn’t speak。
“you’re right,I did tell you before my business trip,I go aloneTcountry。But then things changed,Let Guan Tingna from our company go with me,There are two other people travelling together,So to be precise,Not the two of us,But four people”
“I do not know,Why would the person who told you this say that there are only two of us?What does she want to do?If she knows you very well,She still needs to tell you this,The most fear is that you don’t know her yet”
Xia Jian calmly analyzed the matter to Ma Yan。Presumably Ma Yan is not a fool,She must be able to understand the meaning of Xia Jian’s words。
as expected,After Xia Jian said these words,Ma Yan didn’t say a word again,But sitting quietly,Obviously she is thinking about this issue。
She suddenly said to Xia Jian:“She said she was a kind person,And the same as you said,She is also a woman”
“All right!You don’t have to go on,I already know who this person is。She is Xiao Chenchen’s mother Zhou Li。We ran into her in Bucheon,There was a little unpleasantness。I never thought she would call you like this,And you are fooled”
Xia Jian’s reasoning is completely correct,Because one night,When he was with Guan Tingna,I really met Zhou Li。This woman even cheered up and gave Xiao Xiao a mess。It seems that Ma Yan must have made this call。