Xia Jian didn’t even think about it,Said to Ruan Lingna very refreshingly。In fact, he has a good heart,So he doesn’t have to use his brain at all。

Chen Guohua saw that the food was almost the same,So he stood up and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia!Talk to Manager Ruan slowly,I have to go back and watch work。A group of retired cadres came two days ago,They are very picky about our recuperation service,So I have to deal with it carefully”
“it is good!You think so。Try to catch their hearts,Let them become a fixed group of consumers here。You should know,The whole city,There is really no decent hot spring resort in the surrounding five counties and two districts,So we must be one of the best”
Xia Jian is more happy,He said to the back,Stood up emotionally,Two lightly patted on Chen Guohua’s back。
Chen Guohua nodded,Laughed and left。
Chen Guohua is away,If only Xia Jian and Ruan Lingna are left in the big room。Ruan Lingna glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Does Xia always go to the bubble hot spring??I’ll press you again in a while”
“No need!just finished my meal,I’m afraid it will be uncomfortable if pressed。How about this!You can arrange a room for me,I want to take a lunch break。But you have to remember,There must be a network cable in the room,I have a break to work”
Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。But to be honest,He went home last night,Didn’t sleep well all night。Just now has some time,He needs to charge himself。
Ruan Lingna took Xia Jian out,I used the walkie-talkie to arrange a room for Xia Jian。When Xia Jian passes,The room has been cleaned up for him。
Xia Jian took out the car key and said to Ruan Lingna:“I have a laptop in my car,You send me to my room。You’re done!I’ll wait for Vice President Guan to come”
“You just rush,There are new pajamas in the cabinet,It will be more comfortable to wear and rest”Ruan Lingna smiled and said。
First2475chapter Dispatch troops
The conditions of the resort are naturally very good,Xia Jian saw the time if it was early,Soaked in the bathtub well,Then follow Ruan Lingna’s tips,He put on a comfortable nightgown,Sitting at the desk,Opened the laptop sent by Ruan Lingna。
Xia Jian thought for a while,Wrote an email,Sent to Wang Lin and Yao Junli。These two are his major shareholders,Xia Jian has something,He has to write an email report。As for whether people watch or not,He can’t control,But he must send,This is his principle of doing things。
Sit in front of the computer,Just sit and remember the time。Xia Jian finished writing the email,I started to check some information about the resort hot springs online,However, there is relatively little information on the Internet,It seems to be like Ruan Lingna said,Go to the south to check how people do it。
Sitting in front of the computer for a while,Xia Jian feels a little tired。So he lay down on the bed,I closed my eyes and wanted to rest for a while。I didn’t expect him to close his eyes,People fell asleep。
In a trance,He feels someone walking around the room,He opened his eyes vigorously and took a look,It turned out to be Ruan Lingna。She had someone push a small car,There are so many things on the car。
“Manager Ruan!What are you doing?”