It’s ok,I watched the movie and said Taoist Maoshan can crack the gu worm,Mom will even find an expert to cure you。”

Chen Xiu knows if he can’t understand,Know to demonstrate once。
“mom、Chen Han,You are optimistic!”
Chen Xiu stretched out his hand to face the inside of the kitchen,Finger hook,A big bowl flew directly into his hands,Even more proudly:“mom、Chen Han,This is the puppetry I told you,Now you believe it!”
“Snapped、Snapped……” Chen Han clapped vigorously and shouted:“mom,I said my brother is not psychiatric,Believe it now。
My brother told so many stories to show us this magic。
brother,How is this magic performed,Teach me quickly。
I will show to my classmates when I go to school tomorrow!”
Chen Xiuzhen has an urge to vomit blood。
I don’t understand why,He is facing Chen Han’s mother and daughter with his palm,Puppet,The bodies of the two are slowly floating in the air,After a while, they slowly put them down again,Solemnly say:“Now you believe it,This is really not magic!”
I saw Chen Han’s mother and daughter were silent,Pale face,Chen Xiu secretly called bad,Is it too scared?,Scare the two dumb。
The screams of Liu Jifen and Chen Han resounded across the night sky,Spread throughout the community。
…… “Sorry,We must turn down the TV sound。”