And at this moment, Qiao Tianyu is the one who can’t accept all this,Annoyance, self-blame, and resentment made him raise his hands non-stop“Slap”Slap yourself!

Didn’t you Qiao Tianyu always claim to be the patron saint of China Finance??
Don’t you Qiao Tianyu always take the protection of China as the highest mission??
nowadays**Your status as a world gold center is ruined by you,How do you Qiao Tianyu go to see Elder Jiangdong!
Seeing Qiao Tianyu go crazy, I slapped myself,Distressedly, Michelle rushed over and hugged Qiao Tianyu tightly,Of course she knows“China”What does this word mean to Qiao Tianyu,Seeing Huaxia’s interests damaged is more uncomfortable than killing Qiao Tianyu!
“OK OK!What are you doing?I defeated you with such a setback?”
Seeing Qiao Tianyu’s wives hurt herself,Cui Kai was so angry that he pushed Michelle away from holding Qiao Tianyu,Grabbed Qiao Tianyu’s self-harming hand。
“To die to live,Let’s finish the battle first,It’s not the end of the world,What are you afraid of?!I have a way to bring this back to life!”
“any solution?”
Cui Kai speaks surprisingly,All at once squeezed everyone present,Including Qiao Tianyu who is self-harming and Liang Jiaju who is crying constantly,They immediately stopped self-harm and crying,Looking at Cui Kai eagerly。
“Don’t forget,Although today**Lost6500Tons of gold,But we got‘Golden House’Bargaining meeting20%Say,Tied for first place with Rothschild Bank!”Cui Kai explained。
“Why don’t we make good use of this20%Say,Fight a good turnaround?”
“Hey,Nephew Qiao,I thought you had a good way,‘Golden House’The right to speak in bargaining meetings is important,But the international gold market respects gold reserves,No gold reserves,The right to speak is worthless!”
Liang Jiaju feels cheated,It’s so uncomfortable to hide your face and cry again。
“Yes,Choi.Tianyu!”Qiao Tianyu said disappointedly。
“Today is because we have gold reserves,That’s why the four major gold merchants obediently handed over the right to speak for gold,Gold reserves are more important than the right to speak!”
“Gold reserves are important,But the right to speak is equally important,The critical moment,The right to speak can also determine the outcome!”Cui Kai was chained,Said unconvinced,“Moreover,Who said we don’t have gold reserves in our hands??”
“what?Do you still have gold reserves?”Everyone present looked at Cui Kai in surprise。