“Good good,You sober,You didn’t drink too much,I drank too much, right。”Qin Feng agreed and said。

He knew he and a drunk man,Can’t tell the truth,Every drunk person,Will say a word,Buy it,I didn’t drink much,I am not sleeply。
Qin Feng helpless,I’ve never been drunk,I don’t know what it feels like to be drunk,Naturally, I can’t realize how Fu Xiaoyi feels at this time。
“You didn’t drink too much,We didn’t drink too much,Qin Feng,You say you are interested in me,Then why are you so honest?”Fu Xiaoyi sitting
On Qin Feng’s lap。
Embracing Qin Feng’s neck with both hands,Rest your head on Qin Feng’s face,Face Qin Feng’s ears,While blowing,While saying。
I don’t want to be honest,I have to dare,If you were drunk today,Why did you forget,Tomorrow you won’t take the gun and break me。
Moreover,Own lower body,Already betrayed myself,But now the brain can still control,I didn’t do anything to you,Qin Feng thought。
“You fairy,Be honest,Don’t torture me anymore, okay??”Qin Feng can’t laugh or cry,At the same time I despise myself in my heart。
I never thought I was so scared now,Seduced by a woman riding on,Are indifferent。
Don’t say it is such a beauty,Even if a man wears you for a long time,Almost pushed him to。
But want to return,Suffocated,Qin Feng knew that Fu Xiaoyi was not that kind of casual woman,Why she did it,Maybe it’s just to release the unhappiness that is suppressed in her body。
Maybe tomorrow,Maybe after she wakes up,She might have forgotten what she did today。
by that time,How can I explain to her,So even though Qin Feng has every reason,A thousand opportunities,He wouldn’t treat a woman,To do something like this。
Then you drink with me, OK?,I want that drunk feeling,Have you been drunk,Do you know how it feels like?”Fu Xiaoyi blinked and asked。
“No,I have not been drunk,So I don’t know what it feels like to be drunk。”Qin Feng said helpless,But he has never been drunk。
“Then today,How about we are not drunk?”Fu Xiaoyi rides on Qin Feng’s lap,Holding Qin Feng’s face in both hands,He blinked his eyes and looked at Qin Feng and said。
“You can still drink?”Qin Feng looked at Fu Xiaoyi who was already drunk,Surprised。