Xia Chenglong seems to have disappeared out of thin air,Disappeared in the later time。

indeed,If anyone has seen what happened in the tomb of Tujia ancestors,I would think that these men who can stir the situation will disappear forever from everyone’s sight。
In the dark river with serious injuries and hidden unknown risks,Not sure I survived,Even Xia Chenglong is the same。
The underground river flows into the Qui River after leading outside,The Qui River almost runs through the entire middle area,But it has too many branches,So some branches are named other names。
Lingxiao City is the largest city that has just entered Zhongyu,It has many unique special geographical positions,Looking from this direction towards the imperial capital,You will understand what this means。
Daxinganling,A piece of forest is finally the largest in the middle of the Imperial Capital and Lingxiao City。
A hundred miles away from Lingxiao City is its preliminary appearance。
If anyone wants to figure out all the landforms of Daxinganling,Need to have the following basic conditions。
Have a team of more than ten people,The team must be all rank 5 or higher sage martial artists,There is even someone who wants to reach the level of half-step questioning or asking the gods。
There must be a clear division of labor in this team,Be good at investigating,Good at fighting,A master who is good at avoiding。
If this condition is not met,There is only one result after entering,That is to die。
As the largest forest in the Central Region,so far,There has not yet been a person on the mainland who said that the entire Daxinganling will be visited,The one who came back safe and sound。
A terrifying beast that is too powerful to imagine,Weird and changeable natural environment,Everything has turned this place into the top ten most terrifying regions in Dahua。
Even if someone enters,That’s also wandering around,If you want to go deep,Very sorry,No one will follow。
Because it’s possible that you walked unharmed one second ago,In the next second, I will spend my old age in the belly of a behemoth!
So Lingxiao City or other surrounding forces,They are usually moved through the teleportation arrays on both sides of the Greater Khingan Mountains.,Thinking of passing it directly,impossible。
The Hengduan Mountains in the North Sea are different,It’s dangerous there too,At least someone has crossed,And there are roads。
This Daxinganling is different,Pure virgin forest,The far away convenience is already deserted。