Canghai Guanshan sits in a private room on the second floor,This place was contracted by him,I like to come and sit when I am basically fine,See if there is anything of interest。

at this time,The guys in the exhibition hall of the entire auction house are yelling,Suddenly a bunch of people rushed in directly,I can’t help but blast all these guys out,These guys didn’t want to leave,But I saw a golden dragon logo embroidered on the corner of the clothes that those people were wearing,These guys are also clever!
The guy in the royal family!
Canghai Guanshan this guy smiled,I took a sip from the teacup in my hand,Tianzi Zhenlong has nine children in total,Except for the first two children,The rest are not more than fifty years old,The youngest prince is only nineteen years old,But it’s already a powerhouse asking the gods,Can reach at this age,As rare as phoenix feathers,Is also one of the outstanding young people,It’s just not really born yet,I’m afraid it is because there is no weapon to take advantage of!
There is no shortage of such things in the royal family,But it’s the royal family after all,There are many rules,Want a powerful weapon,Only through loss of contact,and,Every prince can only conduct one trial in his life,I’m afraid this guy is eyeing the ancient sword dragon to Dahua country,The dragon sword second only to the true dragon emperor!
Because the goal is too long,This guy can’t get any good weapons in a short time,But it’s said that in this fight,This guy will also play,Then there must be a weapon that can be used,But I didn’t find it,Can you find it in this short period of time??
Just right,Just at this time,The Dragon King’s sword came out!
as expected,After these guys stand in line,A handsome young figure walked in slowly through the gate,This guy looks like a child,Not tall,About one meter seven,Looks pretty,Like a girl,Different from his own father’s powerful aura,If this guy can be the emperor,It is probably a dragon as gentle as water。
“Little prince, little prince,I never thought I could catch such a big fish,Since you delivered it yourself,Then this matter,I can’t let it go!”
Looking at the little prince who is carefully watching the sword in the showcase,An uncontrollable smile appeared on Canghai Guanshan’s face,This guy looks like a big gangster who is about to abduct an underage girl!
The little prince who was watching the sword suddenly shuddered,what’s the situation,Why do you feel so panicked??