The three giants of the Beigong family frowned.,Unanimously, they cast their eyes on Qin Nanming。

The Qin Patriarch who is close to a demon,Did it also bring the Ding family, who has always been neutral, into the game??
Qin Nan shook his head calmly,This is obviously not his arrangement,But a variable。
but,There was a smile on his face immediately,Speak without hurries:“Who am I to disrupt the situation??It turned out to be the Ding kid!This is not where you can come!Where are your parents?”
Qin Nanming awakened everyone with a word,If it’s the elder of the Ding family,,It’s still a bit tricky,But it’s only the juniors from the Ding family,What kind of waves can it make??
Ding Gongzi looked around,His eyes fell on Mu’s grandson first,Then he looked at the murderous people in Beigong’s family,Finally nodded at Qin Nanming,Smiled bitterly:“Uncle Qin,My parents didn’t come!If I knew it was such a big scene,Haha!I’m not coming!”
This son always speaks yin and yang,No one knows if what he said is true or false。
but,He showed up at this extremely delicate time,It’s impossible not to represent the Ding family,It depends on what his purpose is。
“Uncle Qin,Everybody!Sorry,I just took advantage of others,To be a witness,What are you going to do,Do not bother me,carry on,At will!”Ding Gongzi shrank his neck,Said with a smile。
What he said,Sounds like a clear attitude,In fact, it makes those with ghosts inevitably choke,Will think more。
Because there are many elders in Ding’s family,Not weak,And the elder Ding Dian,Even more upright law enforcement,Who knows his attitude towards this scene?
Originally, Qin Nanming and Beigong’s family gave this grand feast,It’s a quick idea,As long as you kill Mr. Mu,Mu clan’s big family business will be broken。
Don’t know if things are coming,But a young master Ding appeared,It is inevitable that they will be a little daunted。
“Ding San,What are you here to testify?”Qin Nan asked leisurely。
Ding family is here,The Big Three of the Beigong family are a little nervous,After all, what they did was ugly,It’s an evil thing that hasn’t happened in Hongliu City for decades,Inevitably a little guilty,Only Qin Nanming still maintains the mentality of controlling everything,Very leisurely attitude。
Ding son is the third child at home,Qin Nan called him Ding San, there is nothing wrong with it。