I need the right to use the portrait?The people watching around were all happy,I don’t know they all know that these two teenagers are punishing liars,Naturally won’t say much。

Crying girl,Why:“Can’t give anymore,Not enough money,They will hit me!”
“Beat you?I see who dares!”Wang Shaoxiao’s eyes widened,Angrily。
At this moment,There are a few good-hearted people nearby can’t help but persuade:“Young man,You guys go quickly!There must be someone behind this girl,Coming soon,You can’t leave。”
“Yes,Yes!move!Taking advantage of the crowds at the station,Not going now,There are many people waiting for someone to come,You can’t do it。”
have to say,There are still many people in this world,When it’s not dangerous to your own safety,Some people are willing to speak up。
Everyone around is rushing to persuade,Persuade them to run。
The two young people lying on the ground simply continued to play dead,Just refuse to get up,I hope these two evil stars go quickly,Lest you have to be beaten again。
Wang Shaoxiao looked around,The little fat guy is actually a little frustrated,Whisper:“Menglin,What to do?Do you want to go to the station?They can’t find someone on the platform, right??”
Didn’t wait for him to finish,A middle-aged uncle next to him couldn’t help but say:“Don’t underestimate others,All that can mix here are ground snakes,Maybe there are people in the station,All in one group,You two boys should run quickly!I’ll be in trouble anymore。”
Lu Menglin shook his head,Lightly:“We don’t run,Just waiting for him here
Wang Shaoxiao nodded,Wryly smiled:“That is!How about I make a call first?”
“No need to,No need!I’m leaving anyway,May wish to be willful once!”Lu Menglin said lightly。
“Menglin,What happened to you today?not in a good mood?Ugh!I knew it,Broken love is a hurdle that men can’t get around!Why are you torturing.What about others!”Wang Shaoxiao is halfway through,Seeing Lu Menglin’s face was wrong,Hurriedly changed course。
The onlookers saw that the two boys were very angry,Just don’t go,Someone can’t help giving a thumbs up,Admire their heroes,Some people shook their heads and sighed,Where is this young hero?!This is a pair of har,I don’t know the sinister world。
Anyway, the mouth grows on someone else,Say everything,More and more people in the square noticed this corner,The situation expanded rapidly。