The new women looked at Lena with envy.,I can say that I am a goddess,It’s good enough。

“I am Qiangwei,Hello!”The second one is rose。
“I am Qilin,Wei Lan’s former colleague and best friend!”
“I am Rui Mengmeng,Nuoxing sharp knife,Hello!”
“I am Liu Chuang,Should you know me,From now on I am Great Wall One,Keep the earth safe。”
“I am Ge Xiaolun,Galactic power!”
“I am Cheng Yaowen!”After speaking,Cheng Yaowen minimizes his sense of existence,Qilin found an excuse for the province。
Suddenly found,The men of the Xiongbing Company are so difficult!
“Xin Zhao,where did you go?”Lena turned her head and took a look,Did not find the existence of Xin Zhao,So I asked in a secret communication。
“I’m coming!”
With a shining blue-white electric light,Xin Zhao debuts,He has changed into a new suit,I also sorted out my hairstyle,Let the appearance that was originally outstanding among this group of men,Soaring again。
Handsome guys need to be accompanied。
“Hello ladies,I am your male god,Xin Zhao,From now on I will be your most reliable teammate on the battlefield,Also the fastest man on the battlefield,You can call me Xin Zhao,Of course you can kindly call me Lightning Letter,Can also be called Xinxin,Of course the title Xinye is also possible!”
Just finished,Qiangwei immediately pinched Xin Zhao’s ear first,Then screwed“You don’t have to worry about him,He usually commits a crime,But it’s pretty reliable on the battlefield。
As for his words,Usually under the management of Big Sister Lena,But he has been given to me by Lena these days,So I will correct his mistake!”
Look at the second team that is a bit nervous,Lena reached out and patted“All right,Don’t be so nervous,Teammates from now on,You can say anything!”