Raise your hand and knock on the door,“What is Secretary Yang?,How do i feel boss……”

The case in Qian Yu’s hands is a bit urgent,Staring at the computer without raising eyelids,Speak out without thinking,“You can gossip about the boss?Why should i go,I’m busy。”
Secretary Li’s first inquiries about news,Was reprimanded,The eyes hidden behind the glasses narrowed,Qingjun’s face can’t see anything coming soon。
Fetch the phone from the pocket,A call out,“Ruo Ruo,Brother Liu told you the other day,Already back from a business trip,Do you make some time to meet him?.let me tell you,Mr. Liu is really good,I don’t have a good impression of you.you”
Qian Yu was still immersed in the case at first,I didn’t understand what Secretary Li said,Li Ruoruo is his girlfriend,What the hell is Mr. Liu?
Mr. Liu.meet?wrong,The prospective brother-in-law wants to arrange a blind date for his girlfriend!
Secretary Li who walked out while talking on the phone,Didn’t wait for the door of the special assistance room,The phone was stolen,The fleshy flattering laughter followed,“If,it’s me…….Miss me……I miss you…….It’s nothing,Brother is kidding,I won’t work overtime tonight,Pick you up after get off work,Let’s go to the movie after dinner……It’s your idol.I bought the tickets,How can I coax you.You got it wrong,Work hard,love you,muah。”
Finished the call,Qian Yu angrily threw the phone to the black-bellied brother-in-law,I want to stare at him but dare not,trueTMDAggrieved!
Secretary Li put his arms around his chest,Leaning on the door frame,Tiptoe,The rogue looks like a street ruffian,The elite of the workplace vanished,Seeing Qian Yu’s anger but not speaking,Very comfortable,“Speak,While I’m still a little patient,otherwise,Ha ha……”
Qian Yu is so angry,He still has a lot of work to do,I can’t squeeze time with my girlfriend,His prospective brother-in-law is fine,No help,Even pulling his hind legs,I really want to beat him up,But I just think about it。
Looking at the documents on the desk,He secretly exhaled,Can only be taken home。
Motion him to close the door,Whispered:“Some time ago,Yun always tells me to go up,Ask me Secretary Yang, how is this girl,Let me get them in touch as much as possible。”
Needless to say,Secretary Li already understands,President Yun is eager to hug his grandson,But these two people don’t look like a good match。
The general manager’s office is the most important department of the company,Not everyone can come in,I know it was the arrangement made by Yun,He got Yang Liu’s information right away,Ordinary family background,Ordinary looks,The only thing that can come up with is to emphasize the degree。
The first condition of Huo’s recruitment is to pay more attention,Those with slightly higher positions must be master students,Several people in the secretary room,All graduated from prestigious universities abroad,Willow has no advantage in it。
The only thing that stands out is gender,But her dress,You can’t make people think about that at all!
Who is Huo Yunhe?Excellent family background,Picky character,Outstanding ability,Is an ordinary woman worthy of it??
Such extreme two people can spark the spark of love?Secretary Li expressed serious doubts。
Qian Yu waited until he was out,Just look of contempt,Hum,The prospective brother-in-law who pulls his hind legs everywhere,I won’t tell you everything,I don’t know how to think about it,If Secretary Yang is an ordinary woman,,Will Yun always arrange her position personally??
Just know the information,Don’t you know that sometimes the information is not true??