Huang Shaotian was slightly taken aback,But there is no objection。

Only Liu Wenzhang’s expression is even more helpless,These two not only need to escape,Still thinking of revenge,And it’s not just that I want to avenge King Ning,The other two are also thinking about it,Are you two so confident??
“Then go!”Huang Shaotian nodded,Said with firm eyes。
“Where is the day gate?Let’s find a teleportation array first?”Liu Wenzhang smiled bitterly。
He understands,I’ve already boarded the same thief ship with these two,Everyone can only help each other,Otherwise they just leave themselves,No night out,I’m an empty parallel importer,Mostly I will confess to this wilderness。
“No need to find teleportation array!Can not leave a trace,Let’s walk to Bairimen,I have a map here。I have calculated,Should be able to go。”Huang Shaotian said confidently。
Chapter nine hundred and sixty six Into the city
Liu Wenzhang did not expect,The legendary Bairi Gate City,Hidden deep in a vast expanse of dense forest。
The forest behind him is also called the dead forest,It’s not too far from God City,Every Shencheng child has been told since he was a child,Dead place。
It is said that many people disappear in this vast forest every year,Although there are abundant resources in this forest sea,But always only the poorest,The people of the gods who really have no choice,Will go deep into the forest,Try to try your luck,Find opportunities to make a fortune in it。
In fact,They went to Bairimen City,Or,They want to find Bairi Gate City,Change to a whole new environment,Start a new life。
Bairi Gate in front of you,It’s completely different from what Lu Menglin imagined。
《legend》Bairi Gate City in the game,Is a sparsely populated city,Few players will stay here,Unless it is a team task,Or simply boring,Will dangle in this empty city。
but,Bairi Gate City in front of you,But it’s a real big city,Vocals,Busy,Eye-opening。
If you don’t see it with your own eyes,It’s hard to believe,The depths of this vast forest,There is such a popular city。