original,The boss really values real talents and learning!

but,You are not the only talented person,The company is full of Maxima,There are not many opportunities to gain Bole’s appreciation,How can you stand out from the crowd?,Step by step is the worst policy,It seems to have a good relationship with Secretary Yang,Is the most correct way。
There was a beeping drop in Lu Xin’s ear,She was hung up by the male god again。
Cellphone looking at black screen,Recalling what he said just now,stunned,long time,Only to cry。
Her Yunhe brother gentleman is handsome and capable,I was a child of someone else,After taking over the company,Achieved good results,Praised by uncles and uncles,Even a strict dad,Picky brother,Are so blue-eyed to him。
Such an outstanding man,How come you like that vulgar and cheap Lu Yao Woman?
Yun He’s words are too dry,Hung up the phone after speaking,She didn’t even have a chance to react。
Lu Yao,You a shameless private Give birth,Why be with Yun and Brother?Why!
If you want to be successful,Have to work hard,Career like this,Love is the same。
she was,Lu Xin,Not waiting to die,Dad doesn’t care about her,Then she will work hard,Will definitely make Yun and Brother change their minds,With her。
Her Yun and brother are kind and honest,Not getting ambiguous with women,Is a very simple man,Must have been cheated by Lu Yao!
Correct,Must be like this,Lu Yao that cheap woman,Same as her mother,The man who likes to snatch others,No shame at all!