Huanggang National People’s Congress representatives actively perform their duties.

Your present position: Through the business environment, show photos to talk about rural revitalization … During the five session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress, 6 representatives of the National People’s Congress from our city carefully fulfilled their duties and reviewed important reports such as government work reports. The draft law, positive suggestions and suggestions, attracted widespread attention from major media. Stable characters and steady progress, "steady" is a keyword of this year’s government work report.

Facing the new downward pressure, stable growth should be placed in a more prominent position.

Zhang Jiasheng, a representative of the National People’s Congress and secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, introduced in an interview with Hubei Daily. Since last year, Huanggang has stabilized with investment and supports economic development.

"Determine ‘7755’ standards (the investment in investment agreement investment in China and privately accounted for more than 70%of the industrial and private, and industrial industries accounted for 50%of actual investment, and the technology of industrial investment accounted for 50%). The above projects have 295 and 373 projects starting 100 million yuan, and private investment increases by%and industrial investment increases by 19%. "Zhang Jiasheng said that this year, Huanggang will keep an eye on policy direction, support direction, capital investment, and use major project traction and government Investment and prying, further increase investment, optimize investment structure, improve investment efficiency, actively strive for special bonds in the central budget, special local government bonds, organize project planning competitions, establish major project reserve libraries and industrial chain investment target enterprise information libraries. Adhere to the monthly activities such as centralized signing and start -up, and effectively give full play to the key role of investment in steady growth, provide solid support and strong potential energy for Huanggang’s construction of a regional central city in East Hubei Province, and add color to the whole region with a wonderful field. Essence

Stable development rely on a good business environment guarantee. "Xiaoyu is the backbone of a large company in Yichun County, and was sued by the procuratorate for a conflict.

At the time of the corporate epidemic, the critical period was revived. In order to avoid the case of a case, the county procuratorate considered that Xiaoyu took the initiative to arrive in the case and voluntarily confessed the penalty, and made a non -prosecution handling of Xiao Yu according to law. Xiao Yuquan was devoted to work, and the company’s product inspection work returned so much.

"Cases that happened with Guangming Daily and Hubei Daily, Xia Hengjian, a representative of the National People’s Congress and chief engineer of Li Shizhen Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. The continuous changes in the business environment, especially the business environment of the rule of law.

He suggested that law enforcement and judicial organs should further strengthen their awareness of service, take the initiative to take the initiative, continue to create a business environment for the rule of law, and truly make the rule of law an important symbol of the core competitiveness of Hubei development.

On the morning of March 6, at the Hubei delegation’s review site at the Fifth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress, Liu Jinxiu, a representative of the National People’s Congress and chairman of Hubei Mingyang Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., took out two photos and told the great changes in his hometown.

The first shot in the winter of 1993, a group of lovely children played in the village in the village. At this moment, the poverty alleviation cadres took a smiley photo for 13 children. 28 years later, in 2021, the children grew up. Someone found 8 of them and took a new photo. At that time, the mud walls and thatched houses full of hillsides in the background have now become buildings, cement roads, and glass windows in the village. Although the revitalization of rural industries in various places has achieved significant results, there is still a gap between the goals of the industry’s prosperity, grassroots and farmers’ expectations. In interviews with the People’s Daily, Economic Daily, and Beijing News, Liu Jinxiu suggested to accelerate the development of rural industries. Adhere to the in -depth integration of promoting the rural one, two, and three industries as the basic direction of the high -quality development of the rural industry, continuously improve the industrial level and the quality of development, and build the foundation of rural revitalization. She also believes that entering the countryside of e -commerce is an important support for increasing income from the farmer’s industry. It should expand the application of rural e -commerce and use the digital economy to connect the green mountains and green mountains. Not only is the rural areas wealthy, but also more beautiful. Chen Yiyuan, a deputy to the National People’s Congress and Secretary of the Party Branch of Laopu Village, Liulin Township, Huangmei County, pays great attention to the construction of the National Wetland Nature Reserve of Longshi Lake. In an interview with the procuratorial daily newspaper and Jimu Journalist, he introduced that the National Wetland Nature Reserve of Dragon Lake is the most important migratory bird overwinter in Asia. Governance is imminent. He suggested that the system governance fund support and project integration of the national wetland nature reserves of Dragon Lake will increase the water quality improvement management project (sewage, dredging, water purification, and ecological repair of the dragon -sensitive lake national wetland nature reserves ) The scope of the support of national planning and special funds, systematically govern the Dragon Lake, and improve the management level of the Dragon Lake Basin.

Huanggang has a generous humanistic resources. Opera and education are two bright business cards in Huanggang’s name at home and abroad. Zhang Hui, a representative of the National People’s Congress and the dean of the Provincial Huangmei Drama Theater, introduced in an interview with CCTV and Hubei Daily that the State -owned Literary and Art Institute is the backbone of prosperity and development of socialist literature and art. It is an important force for providing public cultural services and developing cultural industries. Chinese traditional culture and satisfying the cultural life of the masses have played a very important role. However, the inheritance and development of local operas are affected by regional and space, and it is necessary to further increase its efforts and take effective measures to promote sustainable development. He suggested to strengthen policy guidance, highlight and strengthen public welfare attributes, incorporate local opera into the basic public cultural service catalog, and organize local opera performance arts academy to village, community, schools, etc. through government purchase and other methods. The spiritual and cultural life of the masses, further enhance the vitality of the literary and art school; strengthen innovation and communication, connect with the current development of science and technology, vigorously promote new digital opera products that meet the needs of consumers, expand sustainable development paths; establish a local opera protection area system, raise funds to establish establishment Local opera development funds to improve the construction of the guarantee system.

Radio Huanggang’s high -quality educational resources to the place of reinforcement to meet the requirements of high -quality education on the frontiers.

In a joint interview with the reporter from Guangming Daily, Hubei Daily and Corps Daily, He Lantian, deputy to the National People’s Congress and director of the Municipal Education Bureau, introduced that since the fall of 2010, Huanggang has carried out the "group -style" education aid work. Excellent teachers assist in Xinjiang and receive 118 teachers from the Fifth Division to study in the primary and secondary schools in Huanggang City; in the autumn of 2021, Huanggang sent another 11th batch of aid teachers in Xinjiang. In the work of education aid in Xinjiang, Huanggang took the initiative to give special lectures on the military, parents, and students of the Corps and sent the teaching to the regiment; conduct a pairing activity with the teachers and apprentices, and give guidance to their teaching, teaching and research. Through the form of school pairing, teacher pairing, and student class pair, etc., the school management seminars, teacher team exchanges, education and teaching cooperation, student friendship interaction, etc., improve the comprehensive quality of the five teachers. "Bleeding" function.

Education aid work is a political responsibility given by the Party Central Committee. It is a concrete actions required by the eighth national counterpart support to support Xinjiang work conference. It is of great significance and glorious mission.

He Lan Tian suggested that education aid in Xinjiang should be integrated into the overall situation of the development of Xinjiang and the military regiment, and it should be integrated into the overall situation of accelerating the high -quality development of Xinjiang He Corps and promoting the overall situation of national unity and progress.

(Editor in charge: Li Jiao).