All peppers are widely mobilized by the whole people’s obligations to plant trees, Luzhou News Luzhou Information

  Since the beginning of this year, Quanjiao County is guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on the construction of ecological civilization in the new era, aiming at the construction of county -level national forest cities, in -depth promotion of the comprehensive governance of "landscape, forests, lake grass", and extensively mobilized the entire people’s volunteer tree planting and improved the urban and rural environment. Build a beautiful whole pepper.

  While the towns and units in Quanjiao County, while doing a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic, make full use of publicity methods such as broadcasting, banners, posters, and networks to further publicize the path and significance of trees planting afforestation, and actively organize citizens of appropriate age to carry out obligations.

The county people’s units, the county of the county, the Communist Youth League, the Women’s Federation and other agencies and other agencies to mobilize the organization of the majority of militia, party members, youth, and women to actively create "militia forests", "party member forest", "youth forest", "Huilin Forest" and other commemorative forests. Essence The County Education and Sports Bureau organized primary and secondary school students to carry out "I grow with Xiaoshu" tree planting activities. In addition, the county has further promoted the "Internet+" volunteer trees.

Expanding obligations to plant responsibilities and promote the integration and development of online and offline.

All towns and units organize the mobilization of cadres and employees and citizens in their jurisdictions, and use the volo -planting of the whole people in the whole people in the area to carry out the tree adoption, facilities construction, donation, donation, volunteer service, green public welfare publicity and other forms of obligations. Responsible for the activity and apply for the obligations of the whole people to plant the responsibilities. Carrying out the voluntary tree planting of the whole people is an important content and effective way to promote the construction of ecological civilization and implement the strategy of rural revitalization. The Forestry Bureau of Quanjiao County organized a technical service group for forestry technology cadres to guide the launch of tree planting activities, and strictly standardized construction in accordance with afforestation technical regulations to ensure the quality of tree planting. (All media reporter Bao Zengguang Correspondent Cao Shibo).