4 companies in Baoshan Ring Road, 4 companies in China finalists in the national subversive technology innovation competition

Shanghai Rongshang Technology Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ring Dafa Technology Development Co., Ltd. is the operational platform of the Rope Society, which continues to excavate innovation projects that meet industrial orientation and market demand, promote results transformation and enterprise incubation.

The planned area of ??the Round, the planned area of ??57 square kilometers, with the Town of Baoshan District, Urban Industrial Park, and South University Ecological Smart City as the core area. Through radiation, gradually expand to the special industrial park and other special industrial parks such as North Shanghai Biomedical Industry Park, Robotic Industrial Park and Wusong Chuangxin City. Shanghai Di Zi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Di Pai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an innovative medical technology company integrating research, medical device research and development, production and sales. The company adheres to the innovation of scientific and technological innovation, the R & D team is composed of young experts in biomaterials, regeneration medicine, and clinical medicine, with leading core technology, relying on the first-class institutions such as the Academician Team and Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Naval Military Medical University. , Scientific research institutions, focus on the frontier of new fields, seeking high quality breakthroughs, and strive to become a leader in the organization repair and regeneration. Shanghai Super Carbonate Industry Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Super Carpadene Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is the operation main body of the Shanghai Sugar Industrial Technology Functional Platform. The Shanghai Alien Industrial Technology Functional Platform is a service platform for the industrialization of graphene technology achievements in Shanghai and Baoshan District, Shanghai Baoshan Industrial Park, is a "four" "four" in Shanghai’s construction. One of the beams.

The platform is traction with graphene applications, focusing on constructing graphene applications technology innovation, mid-test and industrialization core service capabilities; through "base + fund + talent" model, gathering and effective configuration technology, talent, capital market, etc. Innovative resources Promote the industrialization of laboratory’s more mature results, solve the problem of common technical problems in the industry, and cultivate the construction of graphene industry clusters; construction becomes closely integrated with industries, internationally renowned collaborative platform, realizing platform promotion technology, platform industry ".

Shanghai Hengvine Medical Pathology Diagnostics Center Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hengdao Medical Pathology Diagnosis Center is the first domestic medical institution that has received independent third-party pathological diagnosis center licenses. In the center, it is the main body and relying on the body, the pathological utilization of information technology, media communication, mobile interconnection, and artificial intelligence is comprehensive. Station solution, provide standardized or customized accompanying diagnostic testing services, production and dissemination of pathological online boutique teaching courses and selection articles, building large-scale pathological and artificial intelligent training resource libraries, develop pathological AI auxiliary diagnostic systems, promote pathology The equilibrium distribution of resources and intensive utilization, enhance resource utilization efficiency, and promote the leap-forward development of pathological industries by building the pathological and artificial intelligence infrastructure of precision medical age. Baoshan is closely around the national strategy, with "Building Shanghai Science Center" as the main strategy, focusing on the main position of the creature center, relying on industrial foundation, space resources and location advantages, focusing biomedicine, new materials, robots and intelligence Equipment, new generation information technology and other key areas, with scientific and technological innovation energy industrial transformation and upgrading.

The LCD has focuses on graphene, new energy, advanced functional materials, artificial intelligence, biomedical and other fields, integrated technology chain, industrial chain, talent chain, capital chain, strengthening university resources and social resource docking, promoting, university technology The transformation of results, industrial development and discipline levels are improved. (Source: Shanghai Baoshan) (Editor: Ge Junjun, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.