A bamboo dress dances the clouds in the clouds (talking about Chinese stories)

On the undulating rivers, driving a leaf boat is still unwinding. If you stand to a bamboo rose drifting?Imagine, dressed in layers, lift your legs, lower waists, turn circle, and travel in bamboo poles?In this performance video of this circulation network, the 90s of Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, is a traditional technique in the northern part of the north.In the video, she hit the long skirt, holding a hair, step on the bamboo pole, dancing in the water.

The video gets tens of millions of praises, and goes into the overseas, there are foreign netizens lamented: "This is the light power in the martial arts novel!" 7-year-old classics, 千 千 千 就 就 就 就 独 独 独Wood drift, canoe, originated in the Chi Shuihe River Basin, a traditional skill of bamboo and drifting water. In ancient times, the local people took the river transported wood, in order to catch up with individual scouring wood, gradually practice this skill, and later developed into a way of transportation.

With the development of the times, the bamboo floating has gradually become a private sports and performance project with competitiveness and ornamental.

In 2009, Chi Shui Bamboo was drifted into Guizhou Province, the non-material cultural heritage project; in 2021, the red water bamboo drifted the national intangible cultural heritage project.

Today, many inheritors work together to promote this skill.

As the inheritance of Zunyi City level, Yang Liu is only 25 years old, has already learned a single bamboo to reach 18 years. "Stepping on bamboo pole, the key is to keep balance, the best state is like flat." Yang willow grandmother is bamboo bamboo drifting exercise, under the guidance of the elderly, Yang Liu 7 years old first contact the bamboo drift .

In the first three years of practice, in order to find a balance point, Yangliu fell thousands of times, and often went to the bamboo pole, and a piece of purple.

The bamboo floating is generally composed of two bamboo poles.

A stepping on the foot and 15 to 20 cm in diameter, eight nine meters long.

The other is much smaller, specifically used for handheld, which can be used as a balance and can be used as a paddle.

"In order to prevent bamboo poles, when you stand up, the leg feet should force at the same time, control the bamboo pole, then use the arm to force forward, the whole process is very physical, and the average will practice for two hours." Yang Liu said.

A year in the four seasons, it is often seen in the riverside to see the figure of the two people.

From a few seconds to 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes … 10 years old, Yangliu finally realized the fun of the bamboo floating, "standing on the top first, successfully drawing a distance, that feeling Very wonderful, I don’t want to stop at all. "Innovation is present, incorporates the charm of the dance" "Bamboo drift is a bit similar to ‘water drift", the person who has never seen it will feel fresh, but the number of times, will Will not feel boring? "After thousands of exercises, Yangliu finally mastered the skill, so that the way to seek the way of expressing the way, let this ancient skill glow new vitality.

Once an accidental opportunity, will willow decided to combine our own dance specialties, innovate performance methods, try to dance on bamboo poles.

Yangliu has passed the art school, learned from national dance, classical dance and other dances. Grandma encourages her: "I will try the basic function of the dance to the bamboo plum." So, Yang Liu started to take the legs from the bamboo pole. "

30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, both to complete the action, have to be balanced, after 3 months, her raising legs is getting bigger and more proficient in action. People on the riverside praise: "This child is doing this piece!" However, we want to perform a smooth performance to overcome clothes.

"In addition to preparing classical dance, ethnic dance clothes, we also wear corresponding dance shoes, the problem is here, some shoes can’t touch the water, and the water will be scrapped." Yang Liu is worried, and even consulted professional dancers, still no Method. How to do? Yangliu simply took a basin, and made a waterproof test to the shoes. Because there are signs of water leakage, seepage, can not be fully waterproof. "Until one day shopping, seeing the children in playing the balloon, Yang Liu’s eyes," Go home, with balloons on the feet, really waterproof effect is very good. "

"In the summer of 2009, in a play park in Changsha City, Hunan Province, will will will will will will will will let the will to celebrate the first performance." Really, bamboo pole can also jump such a good-looking dance, good Chinese style! "I heard the admiration of tourists, returning to the boasts of willows. She firmly believes that their performance style can make the bamboo float more charm. Online spread, let the world feel the traditional Chinese costume, in the water Dance; Danger in the avatar, a water sleeve on the Chi Shuihe; with the cheongsam, there is a variety of styles in the drifting gap … a bamboo light, dance between the clouds. Deductive through dance + exclusive blessings, Yangliu seamed More creation space.

"Traditional clothing has a strong cultural heritage, I hope to show the beauty of Chinese culture, innovate interpretation of Chinese style.

"Yang Liu has purchased more than 20 sets of clothing and a lot of jewelry before and after, and she is carefully matched every time.

"Why not do the performance content into short video, pass it to the Internet?" Under the inspiration of friends, will will will will will will will give the network communication, register account, and make a video release before the previous performance fragment. Unexpectedly, "The first short video has more than 1 million playback volume, and the second one has more than 3 million, and the third section even reaches 20 million times. Every time I have a surprise.

"Yang Liu said. These short video is also promoted by some bloggers, gain better communication effects overseas, so that more foreign users feel the beauty of Chinese culture through video." The happiest thing is to let more people think To the beautiful and bamboo drift, experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

Yang Liu said.

With the popularity of short video, will will will will will will will will will have a significant increase in the performance opportunities. She believes that through the bamboo floating, it can present rich and diverse traditional culture, expand more development space, and increase the attractive skills of traditional skills. "Guizhou has a large number of tourists every year, I hope that the bamboo drift can be a shining business card. Promote the development of cultural integration.

"Yang Liu also has a bigger plan, I hope to open a training base, which can make the public feelings, experience the bamboo floating, and train more young inheritors." If the human hand is sufficient, you can realize the same performance, or even Organize real scene, enriched the performance style. "Original issue in" People’s Daily "(12th edition, November 29, 2021).