Agricultural issuance Ji’an County Branch School History Power Multi-Pipes helps rural revitalization

Since this year, Ji’an County Branch sincerely, adhering to the "party construction leadership, innovation, bottom line thinking, solid foundation, quality double first" work ideas, with party building leading to the overall situation, inheriting red gene, carrying forward the spirit of "General County" revolutionary spirit, will party History and learning education and the effective integration of rural revitalization work, use real gold and silver’s investment, the true feelings of contributory help, the real-drying style is to revitalize the financial "live water".

As of October, there are a total loan for a total of billion yuan, and it is net to increase from the beginning of the year.

Policy support agriculture. Since this year, the agricultural issue of Ji’an County Branch focuses on the insights, active and local governments, and supports the support of the support, the quality of quality is not low, continue to play the policy of policy financial backbone, solid promotion, strengthen the construction of the poverty, and the resonance Effective connection. Since this year, Ji’an County has won three batch loan projects, approved a batch of billions of dollars, and loan billion yuan.

Among them, grain and oil acquisition loans are issued by 18 million yuan to ensure local food security, meet the needs of enterprises to acquire funds; distribute urban and rural integrated loans, support local road infrastructure and public service supporting facilities and entrepreneurial incubation base projects, to accelerate Ji’an County Built into the core industry base of "Jiai Industrial Corridor", promoting industrial integration development of electronic information, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, and green foods, providing a solid foundation; issuing rural land transfer and land scale operating loans billion yuan, for the well Open the area to clear high-pollution enterprises, carry out land acquisitions, and the upgrading of factory buildings, promote the process of agricultural products processing industrialization in Jingkai District, absorb local migrant workers employment, effectively promote agricultural growth, farmers’ income and rural revitalization; distribute shantytures Renovated loan billions, effectively solve the problem of housing placement in 783 people in the old people, helping to improve the local per capita environment and promote social and economic development. Sincere service promotion.

The branch is tight around the quality service, doing a good service.

First, the service process, the parties are clearly divided into the division of labor and responsibilities, and supervise the progress and completion time limits of various work, forming the responsibility of each division, collaborative promotion, effectively saving the customer’s loan time, together Customers are solving and solving business development with quality service. The second is to continuously carry out civilized service improvement, establish a docking mechanism for customer manager and customer "one-on-one", facing the customer unclear, will not use problems, and solve problems for customers anytime, anywhere, improve work efficiency, effectively improved The customer’s satisfaction is satisfied with the branch.

The third is to do a good job in propaganda, branch combined with anti-money laundering, illegal fund-raising, financial knowledge popularization month, guardian money bag, etc., combined with the market, enter the park, enter towns and towns, etc. Customers are proficient in bank financial services, improve public financial knowledge, and maintain local financial order stability. Condenzes gathering the truth.

The branch adheres to the party building and earnestly strengthens the help work, and the establishment of the poverty alleviation team consisting of five party members, the leader personally hangs handsome, regularly visiting the gangshan, through the party construction, holding a symposium, etc., and the village party branch To help poor households to develop povertygrams, guide the poor industries to poverty. The bank also established the party members and cadres and poor households to implement "one-on-one" to help the assisting mechanism, and they have docked 43 households, helping poor households to develop the "short" breeding industry, and obtain national subsidies Ten thousand yuan, increasing more than 60,000 yuan for poor households. At the same time, the bank conscientiously implemented the total bank’s fixed poverty alleviation work, active and loan customers, social enterprises, and raised 150,000 yuan for the agricultural issuance of the farmland to help the county, and promote the upgrade of fixed-point poverty alleviation work.

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