Red Archive 丨 "Oriental Magic" behind 2000 Words

  In 1936, the US reporter Snow, who has long been interviewed in Northern Shaanbei, in 1939, found that there is an oriental magic of the Chinese Communist Party members. He saw Mao Zedong to wear patch clothes, Zhou Enlai slept in the earth, Peng Dehuai did a vest with the ventroeetion of the enemy, as a member of the Finance People’s Committee, with a broken leg, with a rope, hanging in the ear superior. The Chinese Communist Party’s leaders’ festivals have left a deep impression on Snow. In Jinggangshan, Mao Zedong is a lofin, writing in a weak light, after the founding of New China, Zhou Enlai wearing a few repaired coats to visit various countries; Zhu De is writing the 2000 word long writing under the national economic recovery. Warning & Hellip; & Hellip; Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, save, strength, and become a social trend that Xi Jinping is advocating.

  On March 1, 202, Xi Jinping pointed out that when he made an important speech at the opening office of the Central Party School, it was pointed out that the festival, the strength of our party is the hero. Now, our living conditions are good, but the spirit of hard struggle can not be less, must insist on repairing the body, in a rich industry, insisting on saving, diligently doing everything.