Rongping: The city of created the civilization, so that Chengdu life is better

Recently, the Central Propaganda Department and the Central Civilization Office decided that in the 7th National Civilized City selection cycle of 2021 to 2023, some of the national civilized cities that had strong demonstration leaders were selected, and the "National Civilization Model" creation pilotWork.As the "upgrade version" of civilized cities, the civilized model city is a centralized strength, image charm, development vitality, and governance.

Dual culture building and economic and social development complement each other, the more economic and social development, to enhance the degree of civilization.

National civilized city model and adapt to a new stage of development, is the embodiment of high-order form "city people" concept, to become the new guidelines for future work in the city, a new search.

In a good basis for five consecutive success on a civilized city, Chengdu, make persistent efforts, the momentum to go all out and striving for national civilized city model. Creating a model of civilized urban nature is the cause of people’s livelihood, to meet the Chengdu people yearning for a better life in creation.

Meet the people’s yearning for a better life, urban construction purposes, but also route guidance. A model of urban civilization sketched beautiful picture, a new stage of development and a better life yearning highly fit people of Chengdu, economic development, environment-friendly, urban-friendly, rural civilization, livable should the industry, many opportunities. In essence, the national civilized city is a livelihood undertaking, not only in the "face", but also because "lining" – the process of creating national civilized city Dianfan, is to higher standards, more demanding, higher quality, padded Minsheng short board, to run the process of people’s livelihood, build better homes, the process of creating a happy life.

1474 new elevator put into the old district, home one-touch access; "the way home" community greenways have been completed and 783, the year will increase to 1000; new (expanded) to build primary and secondary schools, 80 kindergartens, the new degree ten thousand; additional number of hospitals, general hospitals of the city’s elderly all opened "green channel" …… Zhang Zhangmin a list of annual raw facts, are the focus of a better life, so when the focus becomes more finer, from the public to create a national model of civilized cities will get more people’s livelihood and well-being. Creating a model of civilized cities, it is the concept of "people’s city", into the people’s supreme governing for the people of concrete action. It is to meet the people yearning for a better life, a better life to enhance the urban texture. Creating a model of civilized urban construction concept and Park City demonstration area fit, creating a constantly optimize the urban "Sansei" environment. Civilization covers the relationship between man and man, man and society, man and nature.

Civilized city is a few who embody the integration and harmonious relations.

Benchmarking to create a model of civilized city, "optimize the environment" that has become a key focus. Clean and efficient administrative environment, fair legal environment, norms and trustworthy market environment, sustainable development of the ecological environment, livable and harmonious living environment …… constituent elements of civilization have become a model for the city, continue to optimize the production of the city systematically living environment, in order to enhance the level of urban civilization and the quality of development. Chengdu, create a model for urban parks and the construction of urban civilization demonstration area it is also highly compatible. Whether it is "Sustainable development of the ecological environment," or "harmonious livable living environment", called for highlighting the people-oriented, respect for nature, historical heritage, green low-carbon concept of scientific development of national spatial planning, implementing urban renewal act to enhance urban quality. This is consistent with the city demonstration park district building concept, the two can be integrated plan, one forward. According to previously announced "Chengdu National Economic and Social Development Fourteenth Five-Year Plan and 2035 vision Outline", adhere to the new concept of social cohesion and consensus development, leading the transformation of the city, shaping the value of the times, build a strategic advantage more adapt to the new requirements of the times, more in line with principles of urban development reflects the more people look forward to a better life – "better city, better life", has always been the tireless pursuit of Chengdu. Creating a model of urban civilization and "human freedom and development" fit, enhance the citizen’s level of civilization in creation.

Whether it is a model of civilized urban or civilized city, people are always the most important factor. Compared with the national civilized city, national civilized city model from the evaluation criteria to have a number of different testing methods.

Among them, the national civilized city evaluation model to further strengthen the evaluation index requirements and the right level of spiritual weight, the proportion of the content increased from 29% to 40%.

This has put forward higher requirements on the quality and the degree of social civilization and civilized people. First, the rules of civilization is the heart of identity, internalized in the heart, in order to externalize in shape. A people treat social rules compliance attitude, marks the level of civilization accomplishment of this person.

When people identify with a specific civilized norms, constraints on behavior is a strong, long-lasting.

When civilized, civilized thing to do, is freedom for self-actualization needs, and when the behavior of each person’s civilization converging flow, level of civilization of a city can be improved. In recent years, Chengdu has almost heart-warming news network refresh every day. From the flood rescue "hammer brother" to the subway car crying while popular, were assisted Rong drift female students, from the busy tunnel for the field ambulance collective allow private owners line, in order to protect the chicks on the subway construction site delay duration Chengdu builders, warm, inclusive and rational light of civilization, lit up the corner of the city, and raised the value of the city. It is warm and inclusive, rational civilization, so Chengdu truly become a "do not want to leave the city." Creating a model of civilized cities, need to emulate. Transfer civilization to civilization to civilization infection uncivilized, when the behavior of individual converging civilization civilized Jiang Liu, Chengdu has become a public-friendly, warm city of Zonta for good, a love of life, the good publicity the city’s quality.

This city, who does not love it? Chengdu to create a national model of urban civilization, is a climbing from the "civilized Highlands" to "peak civilization", every Chengdu people can not be left behind.

20,940,000 common molecule makes up the capital "Chengdu", you and I civilized, civilized city will, you and I civilization, the city will be the road bright. (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.