The person opposite the screen, perhaps destroying your love

  While the mobile phone screen, you may never see what the opposite is in the end, his conversation has become a sentence, a high wall that built a love can also destroy the anchor / Yangcheng reporter in an instant Zheng Ziwei, she always thought she fell in love with him.

  It is about three months ago. That’s because she received a text message.

  They just met, a friend of a friend, met when drinking tea, she is paying attention to her, often being smashed by friends "prostituteist", meaning that he is a happy life, she doesn’t care about what others say. Life is so short, why do you want to listen to this one? Who will be responsible for your happiness and sorrow? In addition to yourself.

So she insists on "I am in my own" style. Don’t pick up your men, do you want to face ugly men in the moon for a long time? She is very straightforward to live with life. At the beginning of the meeting, they did not speak a few words because they were far more.

However, look at the way, she told him to add WeChat.

Generally, she let others add her WeChat so she has the right to control.

  If you don’t like friends, go back at all, or put it on hold, or include you don’t want to go, you can delete each other.

  But she immediately added him at the scene, sent him a red rose on WeChat.

  After that, he began to write her WeChat. In modern society, all people live in WeChat.

  Walking on the street, or go shopping, or waiting for the car or waiting for the ship, everyone is buried against the mobile phone, no one looks up and look at the people and scenery around. Everyone’s visual focus focuses on the phone.

  Everything in the world happens only in the mobile phone.

  Have a few times, she reads the story at first sight at the old novel. It is a male or female, may not be happy, just stopping the footsteps on the road, seeing each other, there are also friends, two people just met, Organize the feeling of electric shock, then immediately love him / her.

  Such a story is very romantic. But this era has passed. Today’s people live in an era where there is no chance at first sight.

  No one will see anyone.

Unless you are on your phone, in WeChat.

They exchanged WeChat, while dating.

Drinking tea, eat movies, is the pattern of general men and women. What she appreciates is that he likes to read.

  The dating location is often attached to the bookstore. Mixed the space for the book and the coffee, it is designed for people who love to read and love coffee, let people escape the cumbersome daily, find quiet thinking, explore the depths of the soul, and to relieve the pressure of life.

  They found that they didn’t love to drink, they didn’t add sugar, sometimes called a slight cheesecake, and displaced black coffee, and one person had a book for one afternoon.

  It is not difficult to find a person who is interested in the same way, it is not difficult, but it is really not easy in real life. The cafés in this bookstore are in the cafés, they have a second-hand book corner, and those who drink coffee can be freely read. After reading it, you can put it back in place. If you really like it, you can use the price of second-hand books. . Today she holds the "Paccious Museum" of Orhan Pavick.

Turning the text: a rich young master falls in love with a poor family, the young master who is already engaged, I originally want to enjoy the blessings of the people, but the cousin leaves him. The young master found that he loved someone was a cousin. The story starts turning from here. The young master fell back to the hardships of the cousin, and the cousin was coldly treated.

Young master collects many items used by your cousin, and there are stories behind everything.

  After waiting until the cousin will always leave, the young master bought her old home, set up a museum, showing these more than a thousand sizes, and lived in the top floor of the museum and siging.

In someone else’s thoughts, it will always be alive. The cousin is clearly dead, but it lives in the Master’s Museum, but also in the heart of the young master, it is true to death. This novel, the story, the story and the establishment of a museum, the story is better or not, it is not important to her, but she has seen the urge to buy, but she saw the sentence like once: "There is lunch in my stomach, there is sunshine in the neck, there is love in my mind, there is a panic in the soul, and there is a stinging in my heart." Her heart suddenly scored a stinging. Three months ago, she fell in love with him, because he was giving her WeChat, wrote: "There is lunch in my stomach, there is sunshine in the neck, there is love in my mind, there is a panic in the soul, there is a shares Sting.

"She didn’t quite understand what he said, but the sentence is full of literature talents. She is a beloved belonging to him.

  - It turned out that he wrote.

  Quietly, she looked up at him being reading. Why did he send her WeChat, not in the back, "Painful Museum" exceeding the Olhan Pavick. "

  He read him, unknown, Orham Packer’s "Pure Museum" has destroyed her love to him.

  Source | "Yangcheng Evening News" September 10, 2018 A13 version, text | Dora pictures | Visual China Editor – in