Quick hand, short drama, daily household model is 23 million

Original title: Quick hand short dramatic daily household models Yesterday, the head of the fast-handed short drama operation was in the fast-handed short dragonfly industry conference and the fast-moving Xingmang short drama upgrade conference. It is reported that the short play content of the fast hand play is rapid, and the monthly users are worth the month. The largest user size of the whole network is stationed. The short play in the platform has more than 10 billion bills has reached 850. For the hot drama of the short drama, it is not a short video era, but the short play is a more natural advantage in short video, will give the audience more impact and convenient viewing experience. It also requires unique innovation in narrative logic. In the rhythm, you need to grasp the user in the first six seconds, and you need to make the set and set independent adults in each other.

"The rhythm is secret, strong conflict, and more cool points are three major elements of the short dramatic creation.

"This summary is summarized.

Mao Haifeng, Vice President of Quick Engine, Content Commercialization Center "(Beijing Daily reporter Yuan Wei) (Editor: Gao Hongxia, Zhang Hua Wei) Share more people to see.