The first social organization electronic license issued in the autonomous region

The reporter learned from the Civil Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region on 19th that the Chifeng Civil Affairs Bureau issued the first social organization electronic license in the district on the 17th. The first social organization electronic license is the Chifeng Volleyball Association. After registration of the Chifeng Civil Affairs Bureau, it obtains an electronic license while obtaining a paper license. This is also the first social organization e-license issued by the Chifeng Civil Affairs Bureau, and the first in Inner Mongolia to achieve electronic organization of social organization. The license holders can consult, show and download electronic license information online in the "Montage" app and Inner Mongolia government service, which greatly facilitates the needs of the masses. The social organization electronic certificate is relying on the Chifeng City e-license management system, which is strictly made according to the relevant national standards, and has an electronic signature, with the paper certificate with the same legal effect.

Compared to traditional paper certificates, social organization electronic license is not only synchronized with registration data information, but its cycle management is also synchronized with paper certificates, which is easy to use, tamper-proof, verification. Social Organization Electronic license information is automatically uploaded to the Inner Mongolia Government Service Platform, eventually realizing cross-regional mutual recognition. It is understood that the Autonomous Region Civil Affairs Office has completed the interlocation of the social organizations and autonomous regional government service electronic license platform. The civil affairs department of the district is organized by the registered private non-enterprise units, social groups, funds and other social organizations. E-license, promotion of the "Accounting Office, Delivery Office" of the masses, and continue to improve the service capacity of the people in the optimization business environment.

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