Taiwan historical textbook "unique"

  Cai Zhengyuan, the former "Committee" of the Chinese National Party, recently issued the social media, bought a historical textbook for the first-year new edition of the first year and the high school, and read it carefully. I finally understood that these historical textbooks are not "history". It is "Taiwan independence" compiled "political textbook", it should be named "’Taihang’ political basic textbook", the content is very appropriate – " "八".

  With the beginning of the new semester, the Taiwan Historical Textbooks prepared in accordance with the new trade will be officially put into use.

"Taiwan’s status is unordered" and other violations of the ridiculous content, the emperor appears in multiple versions of textbooks; "comfort women" content that brings extremely deep injuries to the island; Japanese militarism has strong historical facts of Taiwan people It was also gently tied.

Taiwan has expressed indignation and worries, and they have never dedicated to "China’s" and "cultural and Taiwan independence". People who have insight also appeal to the first line history teacher uphold the conscience and unite the reject this textbook. "Going to China" In 2018, the Ministry of Education of the Ministry of Education adopted the "China History" framework through the new historical program, and significantly compressed "China History" course, this is the island Public opinion continues to criticize.

But the new course is still "forcibly" in the new semester. According to the new international schedule, the high school history class taught "Taiwan History". The "Taiwan History" textbook on the market has multiple versions, but the topographic is small, and the content of "China’s China" has already been uncommon.

  Wu Kuncai, Professor, Taiwan Chiayi University, said that there are three major problems under the new school: one is to replace the Chinese nation with the so-called "Nan Island Language", even with blood source DNA to negate the relationship between Taiwanese and mainland; Second, directly deny Taiwan return China’s "Cairo Declaration"; three is the fact that Taiwan’s mainstream of Chinese culture is replaced with the so-called "multicultural Taiwan", "Go to China Center". "Chinese culture is the core value of Taiwan, the top priority. Remove Chinese culture, Chinese history, just pull the Taiwan culture, history, and value system." Wu Kunhua said.

Cheng Yufeng, a professor of Shin New University, believes that "from festive, diet to religion, Taiwan culture may cut to Chinese culture? Is China culture possible to remove it from Taiwan culture?" It can’t be ignored is that, despite 蚍蜉 蚍蜉 树, "go" The countercurrent has been existed for many years.

Li Tenghui, Chen Shui-bun "ruling" period, continuously promoting "going to China", the most direct is to promote "Taiwan independence" program in primary and secondary schools, just like Cai Yingwen authorities, "Mechanic" textbook, trying to be buried in Taiwan Psychic landmines. Taiwan Middle School History Teacher Cao Rumei is teaching for more than 30 years.

For the impact of "going to China" will bring to Taiwan youth, she used the word "shock". Because "everybody will be counterproductive", the current textbook has changed the modern Chinese law war in the past into the "War of Treatment".

Taiwan’s earliest Confucius is "the first study", now put it together in the back of the city, called "folk faith".

Such, different.

  Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman, clearly stated that the DPP has continuously promoted the shape of "Taiwan independence" activities, which launched a new program that flooded "China’s" content, but not only the young generation of Taiwan, further destroying both sides Relationship, exacerbating cross-strait confrontation. Xuan’s "unique" pollution campus, many Taiwanese scholars and historical teachers criticized, new textbooks distorted facts, tampering history, its fundamental purpose is to build a so-called "Taiwan independence", and intentionally engraved opposes on both sides.

In addition to "going to China" "Go to China Culture" content is flooded, "Taiwan’s status is undened", "one country", "one country", "one country" advocacy is extremely exposed.

  In order to promote the "Article Independence" "Cultural Taiwan independence", there are several "characteristics" of the new textbooks.

First, Ignore the facts and academic norms, just say that I like it.

It is said that there is three sources of controversial writing. It is only one of the three sources of "Nan Island Language". Controversy, but textbooks considered controversy.

  The second is to form a strong contrast with the anti-fiscal effort, and everywhere is full of charming day.

Typical, if there is no history of Taiwan, delete "comfort women" content; change the "Japanese Aviation" to "Niki", and to talk about Taiwan’s oppression and so on. The third is to take the opportunity to hold the private goods, and put the political black hand into the campus.

When the DPP’s "in the wild", he repeatedly called on the party and government to withdraw from the campus and greeted him immediately. The Cai Yingwen authorities will openly write political advocation into the new assembly. The historical textbook is full of political language, the biggest private goods are forced to force middle school students to instill, in shape "Taiwan" history.

  This will not be underestimated. Recently, the first-year freshman in a primary school in the island visited the Confucius Copper.

Guide the teacher asked the child, who is this? The children said in the same way: "Land!" The teacher and parents were crying.

Some netizens said that "Confucius is dead", the Chinese culture and traditional education of respecting the teacher, actually being poisoned by politicians such as castration to the center! Because of the "Taiwan independence" education erosion, it eventually leads to the so-called "sun flower" farce in 2014.

In 2015, Ma Yei wants to "disorderly" to fine-tune high school courses. Under the incitement of the Ministry of Division, some students at night attacked the head of the education sector, broke out the "anti-program fine-tuning" protest in shocking island. The textbook is a brainwashing tool. The Taiwanese students have been rifleled, "the scientific tunnel" calling people Wang Xiaobo finally couldn’t help but shot and shouted: "Ask Cai Yingwen, spare a child, spare our Taiwan!" Injury Taiwan’s future "China Times" published, according to the textbooks written by the newly-complicated textbooks, Taiwan’s history is limited to 500 years, and cut "Taiwan History" and "China History". This practice is seriously distorted. In order to shape the so-called "natural alone", the Ministry of Public Progressive Party is not asked for historical facts. Imagine that there are about 10 years of copyright, and 200,000 students have been used in 1 year. It is 2 million, plus spillive effects, and it is estimated that there will be 4 million people to accept this history of "China". It is always concerned about this, these children are now facing such a textbook. After three or five years, it is difficult to do Chinese culture, the Chinese nation, and even "I am Chinese".

The goal of revising the textbook this time, not just to grab the vote, but to further implement the "Taiwan independence" concept.

This approach is based on "Taiwan independence project" as a brainwashing tool, and is integrated into zero.

It is really sanctious.

  The Ministry of Public Ently, forces the next generation, neither morality and is not responsible. The education department of the Administration can only take the so-called "respecting multi-point view" to make a referending, but the darkness Chen Cang’s trick has long promising it. For these people, they have said that they must jointly disorderly, defend the national righteousness. The "China Times" article appeals that the whole people should attack it, and teachers who should bear the teaching responsibility in education should be resistant, and they are preparing for alternative quality textbooks. Wu Kunhua believes that only the core value of Taiwanese people’s survival in the long-term support – Chinese culture and history are the fundamental of this land continued development. Pan Chaoyang, the retired professor of Taiwan Normal University, said that the historical textbook under the new curriculum, replacing the Chinese culture with a multicultural culture, will inevitably lead to the loss of the central and soul of Taiwan culture, "Taiwanese will not know why people". "

  Li Zhengxiu, Taiwan, Li Zhengxian, said that education should be that the basic process of cultivating young students’s correct understanding of history is by no means to serve the political purpose of the service. The practice of the Democratic Government is harmed, and it is necessary to quickly let it "get off". In the end, the Ministry of Public Progressive Party authorities "Go to China", Xuan "independent" policy, in addition to the normal communication between the two sides, ultimately hurt the future of Taiwan. (This newspaper Taipei October 15th) (Editor: Li Ting (intern), Yang Mu) sharing let more people see.