Sinan: Improve the quality of retirement work service

This newspaper (correspondent Zhang Chaoyang Li Yaoyu) In recent years, Sinan County has increased its practical things in retired cadres, and hits the work of the old cadres. In the past 5 years, Sinan County has passed special counseling, discussions, concentrated learning, etc. Ten thousand yuan, carry out more than 700 services of "three delivery" services, and carry out more than 200 "point" services. Construction of more than 1100 square meters of old cadres activities, create a variety of cultural old-aged demonstration platforms integrating learning, fitness, entertainment, family chat, etc. Construction, a variety of forms, and colorful old cadres study, culture, and entertainment.

At the same time, Sinan County extensively launched the "Volunteer Five Elderly Party" and other themes, nearly 200 times, received by thousands of people; established "old cadre volunteer service team" Continuous efforts to the establishment of 559 cooperation, mobilization and launching more than 1,500 "five old", actively participating in the next generation of work, and promoting the development of services.