Push the party history and education with live red resources

Changsha City has explored rich red resources, launches a batch of boutique exhibitions, boutique repertoires, boutique courseware, boutique film and television, red characters, red stories, red spirit infected people, and effectively transform the learning results into Work motivation and performance are achieved, and use your heart to do practical things for the masses.

Digging red resources and inheriting red gene.

Carry out the census of red historical and cultural resources, integrate the city’s red tourism resources, and prepare the overall planning of Changsha Red Tourism Development (2021-2035) ", and the overall quality development of the city’s red cultural tourism. "Hundred Years of Surrey, Walk Red Changsha" 2021 Changsha City Red Went Tourism, enhanced the city’s red scenic spot, revolutionary cultural relics construction management level, promoted 40 red tourism village infrastructure renovation, and prepared Changsha Red Culture College (Orange College), cultivating , A batch of party history learning education demonstration sites and on-site teaching points, build a batch of boutique red tourism routes, and promote the construction of Red Demonstration Zone in Xiangli.

On March 28th, "Guanghui Ben Years Road, Hong Changzhu" Red Tour Baizu First, 2021 Changsha, a red texture year officially launched in Orange Asia, will launch "popular red long sand season" "color Xiangxi" " Full of Liuyang River "" Red-Water Yuelu Mountain "," Chang wants Xingcheng Dream "series and Xiangjiang Side Red Revolutionary Cultural Relics Exhibition and other boutique exhibitions, help party history learning education. Extensively organize party members and cadres to pay attention to the red education base and carry out the experience of experience party history.

In the past few days, the Changsha Municipal Committee, the Municipal Office, the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and other departments have entered the Hunan Party History, the first teacher of Hunan, etc. Hunan Lei Feng Memorial Hall, Changsha Party History, China Communist Party of China, the old site, Xinmin Society, Liu Shaoqi Memorial Hall, Xie Ji Yu, House, He Shu, Comrade History Education.

According to incomplete statistics, 93 red educational bases in the city have received more than 4.6 million in March.

Innovation preaching, speaking to the party history story. Adhere to the form of innovation in the form of a masses, and promote the study of party history and learning into the grassroots level.

Carry out the red cultural digital rendering project, create a "Ma Yushan Red Video Light Call" to broadcast red short video, do a good job in colorful version of the movie "Lei Feng" 4K repair screen propaganda work, and carry out the "light and shadow" movie party class and other massage themes Publicity and education activities and "learning party history, listen to party Chinese, walk" thinking and political microaceries, planning to launch large-scale integration of party history, learning education, "Centennial Classics, Classmates Teenager", causing youth Netizens watch the boom, online spreads have exceeded 7.6 million. Changsha Evening News, Changsha Radio, Star Online, etc., "School History Power in Changsha – Centennial Party History, Changsha Footprint" "Party History" and other party History learning special column, planning launched "Changsha of Changsha in the party" "Changsha Hongzheng Youth", "Yamun said party history" and other posters, short video, audio, total hits have broken by 10 million, talking in Changsha Red story.

It organically implanted in two sides of the river, organically implanted "Master, Master, School History, Learning History, and School History", "Three High and Fourth New", "innovative and solid", rolling broadcast, creating a strong study Atmosphere. All districts and counties (cities) combined with practical, fully use the New Times Civilization Practice Center and the county-level integration media center to launch a characteristic preaching activity. Yuhua District is the theme of "Forever and Party" as the theme, and builds a party history to study the red cinema mission position; Kaifu District jointly "red cradle party built voice pavilion" launched 100 Lake Hunhan hero martial arts stories, talked in the form of voice Deeds, red stories; Ningxiang City to form the grassroots literary preliminary team, preach the party history with flowers, allegro, three sentences and semi-and other forms; Changsha County to create a "Tian Han and national anthem", integrity education stage drama "inherit", children The stage drama "Giant Plan", Xiang Opera "National Safety", etc. Raise the working coordinates and create a highland of Wenchuang.

Implement the "Three High Four New" strategy, grab the "Changsha, Zhuzhou-Zhuzhu Integrated" development opportunity, promote the integration of Ma Rahan (Changsha) video Wenchuan into the sale of the self-trade zone, accelerating the province’s cultural industry in the Ma Rahan Mountain, borrow "Cultural Out of Hai"; deepen the "two mountains" linkage, form a good interaction between talents, technology, platform, common development, and strive to create "advanced content innovation manufacturing highland" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " R & D application highland "" cultural industry reform and development highland ", providing more quality products on the cultural supply side, better guiding the masses, serving the masses, and promoting the establishment of the cultural industry to the industrial chain, climbing the high-end high end of the value chain, for building culture The strong country contributes Changsha power. (Changsha City Party History Learning Education Office).