The first Guangxi Rural Investment Group Vocational Skills Competition

The opening ceremony site. Zhang Jiajia’s skill exhibition style, the craftsmen cast the future. From October 28th to 29th, the first Guangxi Rural Investment Group Co., Ltd., The first Guangxi Rural Investment Group Co., Ltd., with the theme of "Skills Exhibition", and the Future of Skills Exhibition, and 51 skill masters of the agricultural estate group surrounded the competition projects.

This competition sets the relay protector, water treatment technology two competitions, and the professional skills standards are constructed by the theoretical knowledge and practical skills by senior work. After fierce competition, two groups have a total of 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes, 6 third prizes, 15 excellent awards and 6 excellent organization prizes.

Among them, 2 players who have obtained the first prize of the personal prize will be awarded the "Guangxi Technology Expert" title.

By carrying out business skills competitions, the combination of competitions, the combination of training, and both inspected the business skill level of the first-line employees, and further motivate the employees to better write the solid and wisdom to the land of Guangxi village. In recent years, the Guangxi agglock group has made a big vision and work practice of doing high-quality enterprises, and vigorously implement a high-quality technical model and "agglocked craftsman", and emerged. Out of a batch of labor models and technologies in autonomous region, providing strong technical support and talent protection for the transformation of farm group group.

Host this vocational skill competition, incentive to guide the employees to study hard in research technology, practice the hardcore, walk the skills into talents, skills, and accelerate the construction of a knowledge type, skill type, innovative high-quality professional talent team . The Agricultural Sap Group will pay more attention to the construction, use, evaluation and incentive mechanism of skills talents, and create a good ecological environment for the rapid growth and emerging emergence of all kinds of talents at all levels. Continue to strive to support the support, guidance and help of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of the Autonomous Region, continuously deepen school-enterprise cooperation with Guangxi Hydropower Vocational and Technical College, organize more high-level vocational skill competitions, and cultivate more technical experts and farms Craftsman, in order to build a new era of Chinese characteristic socialism, implementing a rural resolution strategy, serving the three agricultural development contributions more, and greater "farvest power".

It is understood that this competition is hosted by the Human Resources and Social Security Department of the Autonomous Region, sponsored by Guangxi Rural Investment Group Co., Ltd., Guangxi Energy Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee, Guangxi Water Conservancy Power Vocational and Technical College, Guangxi Rural Investment Group Water Co., Ltd., Guangxi Rural Investment Group Power Generation Co., Ltd. is the first to list two-class competition with the autonomous region. (Chen Rong) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.