The small iron gate on the third floor is also locked,Fortunately, they brought a small key to Xia Jian’s key ring。Xia Jian pushed in and opened it,Xia Jian is happy,Then walked in gently。

It’s really strange,Xia Jian felt that when he lived in front of the iron gate here twice,,Doesn’t seem to be locked,What’s going on tonight?
So as not to disturb other people’s sleep。Xia Jian lifted his steps very lightly,He walked to his door,Fumbled and opened the door。
The heating in the house rushes towards you,In this cold night,This feeling is really wonderful。Xia Jian closed the door gently,Then take off the jacket and throw it on the sofa。It’s getting late anyway,Go to bed is sleep,So Xia Jian couldn’t even turn on the light in the room。
Because the curtains are tightly drawn,So the light in the room is very dark,Xia Jian almost walked by touching it。Almost before the bed,A good smell of perfume comes out。Xia Jian thought that Lu Xiuli understood his thoughts well。
Thinking in my heart,Xia Jian reached out and touched the edge of the bed,Then sit down,The whole person lay down。suddenly,He felt like there was something soft under him。At this moment,Suddenly there was a woman’s scream。
Xia Jian was surprised,I was so surprised that I flipped up from the bed。He quickly calmed down,It turns out that there should be someone sleeping in his bed,And still a woman。
“who is it?”The woman on the bed screamed。
Xia Jian gasped and said:“I am Xia Jian!who are you?Why did you sleep in my bed?”Xia Jian feels all this is like a dream。
“Xia Jian!Really you?Why don’t you turn on the lights!”The woman on the bed complained in disbelief。Also at this time,The door was pushed open with a bang,Followed by a click,The lights in the room are on。
Xia Jian standing in front of the bed couldn’t help being shocked,It turns out that the woman sitting on her bed is not someone else,And it is Hu Huiru, the general manager of Dongsheng Group。
I saw her hair is a bit messy,Wrap the body under the armpit with a quilt,But her white shoulders are exposed。Frightened face,With a strong flattery。This woman really smells,Xia Jian looked silly for a while。
“Ouch!It’s Mr. Xia!Why are you back this time?”Standing at the door, Lu Xiuli was wearing pajamas,It may be because of the panic。Not only is she barefoot,Even the buttons for the pajamas didn’t come,It can be said to be spring。