“Cough and cough,I am still with red sister.,You are like Xiu En,!”

Is it envious??
Do you want your sister to introduce you to your individual??”
Chapter 895 Leave you
Face Li Mei’s interest,Li Hui Dynasty refused。
After all, he should make a lot of people to know the things of Ru Ru.,These include Korean,As long as Han is studying well,It http://www.055411.cn should be not difficult to find。
“Hey-hey,Li Sister,Then I will prepare first.,You are busy first。”
Say,Li Hui Hui is a small courtyard with Wanhong.。
Wanthong also didn’t expect such a smooth,At the same time, she is also an envy of the two houses living.。
“breeze,How much is your house in your village??
Can you sell it to your sister??
After my sister, I can live in this old-age.。”
“Forehead,Red sister,This is not sold for the time being.,If you like it, give you a place to find a place.,Because these I am also ready to engage in a tourist resort,If you sell it,Can not be made。”
Wanhong did not think that Li Hui Feng is so powerful.,I will still think about the way to make money.。
“Giggle,Then I will find a place to live.,At that time, how many rent you live directly, say it.。”
Face this,Li Hui is also not polite。
“Hey-hey,Row,Then I find someone to take you.,By the way, I am going to prepare the dinner tonight.。”
Say,Li Hui Hui put a phone call,At the same time, let the other parties take a place to choose a place.。
When I saw it,Ye Shuangzhou is also unfortunate to feel some envious of Li,A beautiful girl he knew in the emperor is also a lot.,But with Li Hui’s way, one is just a chance of the best, but it is much smaller.。
The tempting vibrantity between Wanhong, even if the leaves of the leaves, this flowers, the veteran, feels hard to keep。
It is also that he is also in a hundred.。
I immediately said with a laughter.。
And Li Hui is directly to the home.,Ask my mother to take a little mushroom,Then I went to the pond,Draw a lot of crabs directly from Liu Yufeng。
As in the field,He is all directly from the greenhouse.。
Laying these,I sent it directly to the Willow Tweet Hotel.。
One to the hotel,Willow sweet is also a smile。
After all, I didn’t see Li Hui.,She still miss,Especially my father seems to agree with Li Hui’s things.,This makes her many times I want to take the initiative to find Li Hui Hui.。
If Liu Zhiming is in Lotus Village,She may teach it early.。
Liu Zhiming saw that Li Hui’s arrival is also happy.,After all, Li took the wind to give him a lot of money, but it is really a lot.。
The most critical is that since Li Hui’s leader has learned the blending,That means let him not dare to smash Li, and the wind is an ordinary small farmer.。
First solve a few people,Then the alarm processing,Aesthetic。
He also made people speaking,The last few people’s http://www.manfully.cn processing results。
As a result, there is a lot of criminal records from those people.,It’s not a ten years.。
Think of those people’s lives,He feels that a few people are definitely very miserable.。
After all, it is not so easy to enter the prison.,If you have no money, you can really eat well.。
“Xiao Li,What are you ready??
Make a table?”
“Hey-hey,uncle,I have to ask you tonight.,Trouble you old to your palm,And how much does it cost?。”