Members with collapsed resistance in men are very rare,Even if it is a rebuilt warrior of life and reverse entropy,Can’t reachALevel degree。

Han Jiang depends on these people’s processes seem to be dangerous,But there is no more pressure that has so much。
That is, the person who left the cold gun from time to time,Let Hanjiang carefully dodge a bit pressure。
Three armored vehicles,A total of twelve people,In a few minutes, I can’t afford to stop breathing.。
In addition to the first paste, two people,A total of fourteen people,This is unreasonable。
“Come out。”Han Jiang took the knife to point out one of the armored vehicles。
This premeditated attack,Personnel configuration is very rigorous,Three cars fifteen people are reasonable。
as predicted,There is a height of two meters from the car.。
The man did not send,Pick up the machine gun to Hanjiang。
Han Jiang has blocked it with Tang knife.,Quick back,This person is a bit strong。
But he is far from his opponent.!
Han Jiang footsteps,Instantly,Two knives have been over the past。
The big man can only block a knife above,I have opened a mouthful of my stomach.。
Block a knife,The machine in the big man in the hands of the Hanjiang head smashed,Han Jiang can only retreat。
This has already been surprised by Han Jiang.。
Always,In his cognition,In addition to the female god and several famous men,No men can beALevel battle。
certainly,This also has the reason for the bond of Hanjiang.。
After solving these people,There must be a more powerful chasing troops later,Han Jiang did not want to expose to the first hand to expose his own card。
At the same time, I also thought of those people cultivated by thundermond.,One by one is too knife,It looks not bad。
Conclude,This is a true world,So no game is displayed,There are too many things that you can’t think of.。
After killing the last person,Unmanned,Han Jiang handsome smashed a double knife,I want to get rid of the blood contaminated above.。
But the pulse is too different from the ordinary sword structure.,In order to cause more damage to the collapse of the beast,Scrub,Blood This thing is hard to get down。
Han Jiang can only take out sheets from pockets,Crouch to wipe the blade,I don’t know that this knife is contaminated with blood to be difficult to rust.,First maintenance, let’s talk about it.。
“Bother!”Sudden,A sound is not close to the secret after Han Jiang。
Han Jiang squatted on the ground,A turn,Two Tang knife。
Chapter 237 You look at the eyes they look up.
Speaking, the man moves agile,No choice of defensive reversal flashing Hanjiang’s Tang knife。
“Boy,Long time no,This is the meeting you gave me.?”
Han Jiang saw people in front of me,Leave Tang Knife asked:“uncle,How is the pickup of the base??”
Qi Gifei eyes 瞟 瞟,“The sound of the plane fall is so big.,You have not found?”
Hanjiang’s eyes followed the attack and defense against the base.,More fierce there,Just three armed helicopters fall,Not much moving。